Best Wallpaper Designs For 2021


Finding out the best wall décor article is tough, but it becomes even tougher when it comes to searching for the entire wallpaper. Do not panic; we have your back. We have covered almost 12 new wallpaper design ideas for the year 2021 with modern peel and stick wallpaper, as it is going to be the year of modernity, optimism, and positivity. 

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The geometric patterns

Geometry gives you an opportunity to inculcate diversity. When it comes to wallpaper designs, you can get a different design for every inch of the wall. So, if you want to add uniqueness and style to every corner of your place, the geometric designs can be the one for you. The best part about geometric designs is their modernity; a decade ago, it is the design of the decade. 

The metallic shades and patterns

If you want to give that subtle yet tone-down look, the metallic patterns are the best. They would look amazing with an overdone room, wooden floor, and colorful chunky ottomans, a large armchair. Even the colorful paintings will look brighter than they naturally are on the metallic shaded or patterned wallpaper. 

The tropical look 

This is the best wallpaper design for the lounge facing the lawn. The tropical patterns come with big plants, leaves, and designs; these big designs will spruce up the look of the lounge and the sensation of enjoying nature even better. 

The floral wallpaper designs 

The floral design is the best for the restaurants and halls. If you are living in a big mansion, try this pattern. It would give a more closed and colorful glimpse into space. Moreover, the flowery patterns are going to suit the walls of a hotel where you are planning to give off a thematic look. 

The terrazzo patterns

Terrazzo patterns are the best for kitchens and bathrooms. They’re not very expensive, and within an economical range, you can have the best interior décor. These designs are printed at a considerable distance, giving a spacious look to your rooms. 

The polka dots 

If you want to have less color and more fun, try the polka dots. These are ideal for staircases and entrances. The trick is in picking the right colors. 

The uneven strips 

The strips are classical design, but when printed unevenly, it gives the generation Z and millennial look. It is chunky and classy. The stripes would be white or black; the base color is complimentary, so be very careful while picking a color. 

The traditional one 

The traditional prints involve the simple pattern repeated many times. It is the best for the classroom, offices, and stores. It is a sign of seniority. You can have it for the grave and serious feeling where you want to decorate but with a low tone. 

The face lines

You can have the face lines or the animal drawings to give a relaxing and childish look to your room. Sitting in such rooms will make you feel at ease, it would be fun for the children’s room or the study room. These patterns are a bit expensive as you can have the customized ones as well. 

The marble looks

The marble look is a bold one. It would be perfect for a textured wooden floored room and exotic wall hangings. These are perfect for an executive look; if you are starting a business, this can be the wallpaper for your office and meeting room. It would not distract anyone, but at the same time, it will maintain the look of the room, the only thing required at work.