Best Ways To Customise Your Desk


A cluttered office desk can leave you feeling stressed and inefficient. But the opposite is said for keeping the right accessories on your desk – in fact, redecorating your workspace can offer motivation and inspiration for the daily tasks ahead. Here are our top tips for sprucing up your home office desk and turning it into a stylish and productive zone you will look forward to working in every day.
Tech essentials
When shopping for height adjustable desks online, choose a design that accommodates all of your tech essentials. From memory controllers to anti fatigue mats, there are plenty of innovative solutions available that offer both style and functionality.
Succulent greenery
There are plenty of studies on biophilia, the positive connection between humans and nature which can be brought into your home office. A Human Spaces report acknowledged a 15% higher wellbeing score in office workers who introduced greenery into their workspaces.If you are looking for a low-maintenance solution, then succulent plants are your best bet. They will add plenty of oxygen to your working environment and improve the humidity too, but do not require much attention.
Desk organisation
If you find yourself wasting too much of the day searching for documents or stationery, then a desk tidy is a great organisational feature to add to your workspace. Although these come in all different shapes and sizes, a wooden, compartmented tray is a chic accessory to use. With space for your coffee mug at one end, and your pens and paperclips at the other, this storage item will add instant class to your office desk.
Warm Lighting
A well-lit working environment is essential for both productivity and your mood. Ideally, your desk will be positioned in a room with plenty of natural light. However, a desk lamp is useful for those times of day, or seasons when your workspace is not blessed with the sun streaming in.It can be challenging to find the perfect lamp, so try to select one that is proportionate to your desk and does not give off too bright a light which could strain your eyes. Of course, the right lighting can also be a great accent to your room.
Display board
A display board is another excellent organisational tool that can house everything from post-it notes to your family photos. If you have a small office desk, then you might wish to hang this above your desk, rather than cluttering the surface of your workspace.Display boards are available in cork, peg or a grid style. Why not add some motivational quotes up there to give you a much-needed boost throughout the day?It is time to clear your desk to create a blank canvas – start adding your favourite office accessories today.