Beyond Clogged Drains – 3 Reasons to Call an Emergency Plumber


Most of the time, when you think about calling in an emergency plumber, you think of clogged drains. There are few households around that haven’t suffered from bathroom or kitchen sinks backed up and no amount of plunging or snaking seems to fix the problem. Of course, you’ve probably tried those chemicals which are ‘guaranteed’ to work but failed with that also.

However, clogged drains aren’t the only reason to need emergency service from a plumber, and while they are among the most common right up there with clogged toilets, you may encounter other issues as well. Some of these might even have you wondering exactly who you should call. Here are three reasons to call an emergency plumber, other than for clogged drains.

1. Burst Pipes

Sometimes, pipes simply get old and burst, but the usual problem is from freezing or inadvertently cutting into one. While you would need to call a plumber in Sydney for frozen pipes that burst, you might also need to call one when the landscaping team cuts through one outside your home or you have some other issue like rust on old pipes predating PVC.

If the pipe is somewhere on the interior of your home, you could always shut off the main until morning, but if you can’t locate the shutoff valve, inside or out, you’ll need to get that plumber on the job as soon as humanly possible! Floods are no fun to clean up after.

2. Water Heater Leaks

Sometimes, you will notice that there is water beginning to pool around the base of your water heater. You can then call a plumber and schedule a ‘normal’ repair. Unfortunately, most of the time you won’t know there’s a problem until there is a big pool of water you only notice when you’ve sloshed through it. Now it’s time for an emergency repair. Even so, make sure to shut off the intake valve before walking away or you could have more problems than you already do!

3. Leaky or Burst Washing Machine Hoses

Even the latest hi-tech digital washing machines can fall prey to leaky hoses. Some say that those hoses are the ‘weakest link’ in top-of-the-line machines because everything else is made to be sturdy, durable, and energy efficient. Nonetheless, like everything else, they tend to fall apart with age. There’s nothing efficient about a leaky hose and this is often one of the reasons you’ll need a plumber on the job immediately.

It all depends on how heavy your machine is and the location of the water valves. If you can’t reach them, you’re in trouble! Even if you can shut off the water, there’s no telling what damage all that water could be causing to your machine, so an emergency service call may well be needed.

Don’t Forget the Wrath of Mother Nature!

When you factor in Mother Nature, there are so many other reasons why you could have issues with burst pipes, leaky hoses, and other issues necessitating emergency repair. Earthquakes, typhoons, and another natural phenomenon could create plumbing failures, so make sure to keep the number of a reliable plumber on hand and visible. You never know when the next plumbing disaster will strike, so be prepared.