Big brand London: How to make the ultimate shopping day


As any local will tell you, one of the best things about living in London is the variety. Sure, the movies might make it seem as though it’s full to the brim of the top brands – but any local might vouch against this. London is completely cosmopolitan, home to its own Fashion Week, and this means that if you live there finding these big designers is easier said than done.

Bearing this in mind, today’s post is going to detail some of the key areas you should venture if big brands and reputable designers are your thing. At the same time, we’ll take a look at some other regions where you can supplement your shopping and participate in other activities to break the day up somewhat.

Covent Garden

Most people are fully aware of the charm of Covent Garden, but not a huge number start to associate it with huge brands. Well, let’s cast that misconception right away.

From Charlotte Tilbury to Karen Miller, it has a huge choice for anyone looking for big designers. Of course, there are smaller stores in-between, but don’t for a moment think that Covent Garden is just reserved for quirky chains. It will comfortably satisfy your shopping ambitions, whilst also providing more than enough places to grab food or drink along the way.

On the subject of the latter, let’s focus a bit more on food element of it as well. While Covent Garden is widely regarded as a shopper’s paradise, let’s not forget that its evening attractions span late into the night. In other words, once your shopping has concluded, consider one of the many restaurants which have amassed a worldwide reputation in the area.

The Royal Parks

Next on the list is a suggestion to temporarily relieve yourself from the crowds. Sure, on a hot summer’s day it might be somewhat difficult, but typically one of the Royal Parks are going to provide you with ample opportunities to grab some rest bite and take in nature (rather than busy shoppers).

For those of you unaware, there are eight of these parks in total and naturally, you should look to plan them around the middle of your day when nature is in its full, visible bloom.

Stay on two wheels

Admittedly, if you are returning to Covent Garden with countless bags, this next suggestion might be bordering on the impossible. If you’ve just got the odd one, a bike ride around the capital might be right up your street though.

As we all know, the tube is very rarely subject to “quiet times”. In other words, it’s always operating on-peak. This is where the Santander Bikes enter the picture, and at least allow you to break up your day again without getting caught up in people or car traffic. As you can pretty much hop on and off at a whim, it makes it very easy to visit places such as The Royal Parks in a completely stress-free manner.