Black-Themed Wedding: Do You Dare?


The traditional wedding color is white, and many brides prefer to stick to centuries of tradition, selecting white as the dominant color scheme for their event. However, modern fashion is very provocative and inventive, not leaving any chance to traditions – nowadays, brides are ever more eager to experiment with colors and styles to make their romantic days of unification memorable. Pastel colors, red, violet, and even black – nothing is impossible when it comes to the most important day of your life! Are you a fan of black, but still hesitate about the propriety of putting on a black wedding veil and choosing black wedding rings? No more worries! We will teach you how to do this elegantly and to keep within the overall wedding style.

Black wedding dresses: a new fashionable trend

Yes, black has been for a long time banned in the wedding world. And yes, the times are changing, so there are no limits to your wishes as a bride – imagine anything you want, and make it happen! So, if you have been a dedicated fan of black since childhood, what can stop you on the way to having a black wedding dress? Right – nothing!

At present, black is gradually taking its ground in wedding fashion, and it has even crippled into the design of wedding dresses, while black-colored dresses for guests and bridesmaids already have established in their popularity and use. A considerable role in trend-setting was played by some celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Adaeze Yobo – both dared to put on all-black dresses for their own weddings, thus, giving a go-ahead to millions of other brides. Good news for you – now it’s your turn to try the new trend on, and there will be nothing shocking or extraordinary in such a choice.

Black dresses definitely look stunning, but selection of this color also places some limits and requirements on the rest of your look, for it to be finished and aligned. Wedding stylists recommend accomplishing a black wedding dress with the following elements:

  • Make a choice in favor of strong makeup; otherwise, your dress will distract all attention from your face
  • Add black accents into other elements, such as your wedding bouquet, but mix black with white and add some bright colors (orange, red, peach) to make the bouquet distinguished.

There you go! The black wedding look is unrivaled and eye-catching!

What else can be styled in black and still look appropriate at the wedding?

What can be more intriguing than black wedding invitations? We bet your guests will wait for the event with much more impatience after receiving such unusual invitation cards. Even if you don’t style the entire wedding in black, fearing that the event will look gloomy and dull, make the black wedding cake! That will surely be much of a surprise for your guests – and such a cake will look gorgeous on wedding photos. The contemporary confectionary industry has so much to offer to clients that making a black cake is nothing strange or impossible – sky is the limit to fantasy of wedding planners. Some other elements to consider include:

  • Black wedding centerpieces
  • Elements of dressing as the dress code for guests
  • Black flowers on the wedding table
  • Black decoration elements in various parts of the venue
  • Wedding linen styled with black elements.

Experiment with these and other elements – but we still recommend consulting a specialist who may advise on proper color accents and arrange everything properly. Still, over-use of black is risky, as it may add a heavy, gloomy feel instead of a posh, original appearance of the venue. Don’t take too much risk – selecting this color palette is already a daring step!

Some final thoughts  

If you are still hesitant about making black the chief color of your wedding – add only some accents to be on the safe side and not to shock your conservative guests! Complement your beautiful white dress with black wedding shoes and accessories, or arrange a surprise wedding night for your husband in a sexy black wedding gown, we will surely appreciate your creativity. So, let your phantasy go and arrange an unusual wedding that both of you and the guests will remember for a long time!