Bohemian wedding inspiration


For that fun, laid back, unconventional and rustic outdoor wedding, a bohemian theme is what you’re looking for. Look no further for that Bohemian wedding inspiration; we have here just the thing for you. The spread of bohemianism into weddings is a trend that adds a touch of boho romance into the ceremony.

Going into the Boho

One of the main features of a wedding with a boho vibe is unconventionality. Another is originality and earthiness. Bohemian weddings are usually outdoors but it is also possible to use a romantic wedding chapel. It is also possible to transform a barn into said romantic chapel to add that touch of boho inspiration. Any wedding with bohemian touch is a unique wedding.

Careless hippie for chic boho stars

Bohemian wedding is usually chosen by a couple who live by their own rules. Being bohemian has been defined as living according to a different set of rules as the average person. And we have few celebrities who are famous for embracing this boho or hippie-inspired look. These fabulous women are people like Nicole Richie, Sienna Miller, Zoe Kravitz, Jessica Alba and more.

You’re killing me with your Bohemian wedding inspiration

Now there are a few features which are a must-have at a fabulous bohemian themed wedding. This is the tip of the ice on bohemian wedding ideas. However, these basics should give you a head start on your boho wedding of a lifetime.

– arrangements: Nothing says earthy like a bouquet on every table or rug, or vines lovingly wrapped around chairs and tables. Another thing to add to reflect that nomadic lifestyle would be a Persian rug or several colored throws. For a night or evening wedding, colorful scented candles are a great addition also. Their scent will fill the air and their illumination help reflect that boho romance. Instead of candles some couples choose to use fairy lights in lovely arrangements. It is also possible to use little tents for your guests instead of the usual tables and chairs in an outdoor setting. Boho inspiration is fun and freeing, and you can get it almost anywhere and with anything.

– dress and groom’s outfit: You can’t go wrong with a bohemian wedding dress. It can be lace, it can be silk, chiffon, or even crochet. All that the dress has to reflect is you. Some brides choose long, some choose short, while other don’t even choose white. The joy of bohemian wedding ideas is that there is no limit. For the groom’s outfit, it should reflect him as well. No more classic suit and tie. He can choose to wear a laid back shirt in his favorite color, with or without a waist coat. It’s as simple and fun as that.

– flowers: Flowers, flowers, flowers for that boho vibe. A bohemian wedding is nothing without the scent and presence of beautiful flowers. From the bouquet to the flower arrangements, to the braids in the bride’s hair. Flowers are a mainstay in a boho wedding.

– cake: It doesn’t have to be the classic white cake. It doesn’t even have to be in layers. For this type of wedding you can tie the cake into the theme. It can be your favorite type of cake on a unique stand of sentimental value to you.

– colors: Earthy beautiful colors of green and blue and brown and pink and even yellow. Choose the colors of your wedding to help with that boho inspiration.

– music: It is possible to choose music of bohemian artists of your choice. However, the location of this wedding can also play a huge part in the choice of music. A beach wedding already has its own background sound which you would incorporate the music into. For an indoor wedding there might be more to choose from for that boho vibe. So sit back, enjoy, relax and find that bohemian wedding inspiration for a wedding of a lifetime.