Boiler Servicing: Smart Tips You Should Not Miss


Did you know that a bad boiler maintenance can be extremely dangerous for all of you and can even kill? Usually, problems occur when you need the boiler most. This winter, record number of people reported broken down boilers and burst pipes. If you don’t want to be without central heating, you should do a regular boiler maintenance. The boiler servicing is playing an important role of a boiler maintenance, and if you want to make sure your boiler is running efficiently and safely, increase its life span, and reduce the risk of future breakdowns, you should do an annual boiler servicing. The price isn’t the most important requirement, but the standard of service.


Many people out there can offer you such a service, but only a gas safe registered engineer are competent to carry out this work. The engineers will offer you the peace of mind that the boiler servicing is being done well and you can use your boiler safely.

Before carrying out boiler servicing, you should know that these key checks should be made during the service:

  • The engineer will use show covers and protective sheeting to protect your home during the boiler service.
  • Boiler Brain also highlights – a visual check is needed to make sure that the boiler together with the pipes and flue are positioned and installed correctly.
  • During the service the engineer will remove the boiler casing to take a look at the components and check the boiler is working safely and efficiently. Often this checking process include:
  • Condensate trap and pipe is not blocked
  • Safety devices are checked
  • Electrodes are in a good condition
  • Seals are intact
  • Fans and other key components are running efficiently
  • Electrical connections are in good condition and clean
  • Clean inside the boiler
  • Inspect the gas and water pipework to make sure everything is working correctly
  • Flue and combustion
  • Correct gas pressure and flow
  • After these numerous checks are done, the safety checks in accordance with gas regulations will be made.
  • Usually services last around half an hour and at the end of it, the man that is running the service will explain any maintenance work he has carried out and will give you a copy of a report (if the boiler does not meet any gas safety regulations).

I hope that you have found these tips interesting and fun and you have learnt something new and useful.