Book Promotion during COVID-19


First-time authors as well as veteran authors currently face an even bigger challenge when promoting their book release amid the COVID-19 pandemic. After the hard work, hours of editing, and final touches, the hardest part now might be actually putting the book into the hands of readers. With the suspension of in-person meet and greets, press conferences, speaking engagements, and other traditional book marketing events, authors and their publishers are looking for more creative ways to connect virtually with potential readers.

PR and publishing agencies like Writers Select Publishing help authors to define t heir public image and how they will move forward with a post-publication PR strategy that is mostly virtual.

Writers Select Director Eduardo Carranza Edwards points out that, first and foremost, every author should have a unique personal brand that remains clear across all online platforms. This can include an author website and social media accounts that are kept up-to-date and offer a platform to reach out directly to readers, journalists, and media outlets. “Our firm helps authors increase their online presence in order to build anticipation before a virtual book tour or press conference. Each PR strategy is specifically built for the book’s genre and potential consumer niche. We want each author to create visibility within their audience group, so this means tapping into the specific platforms they use, whether it be Instagram or The New York Times.”

Carranza Edwards notes that COVID-19 has forced the industry to shift away from more traditional strategies and think outside the box in terms of consumer engagement. At Writers Select, he says that each author is paired with a book promotion specialist to guide them through the book launch process from start to finish. Within the larger umbrella of book marketing services, the firm specializes in book promotion opportunities ranging from book tours, book signings, author interviews, guest appearances, pricing specials, and more. Of course, all of these events have currently been adapted to virtual options.

Publishing agencies also usually have direct connections to journalists and media outlets and can help you boost publicity with the target audience. Targeted book campaigns increase author visibility and grow readership for both first-time and returning readers. Carranza Edwards recommends that authors aim to bring their story to the forefront of local and national newspapers, magazines, blogging sites, podcasts, ‘bookstragrams,’ and other online publications to create a buzz about their work.

The pandemic has challenged every industry, and the publishing industry is no different. Authors and publishing firms have had to pivot towards virtual platforms to reach their readers and achieve market success.