Bored of your interior? Don’t move house, just redecorate!


People still claim that moving house is one of the most stressful things you do in life. So why would you make things harder for yourself when you can just redecorate and renovate your current home?

There are many simple changes you can make to create the feeling you’re living in a different house. It saves you thousands in moving costs and solicitors fees. Even if you did buy a new home, I’m sure it would need a lick of paint before you moved in.

Here are our top tips for creating a whole new look without having to move house.

Pick up a paintbrush. Giving a room a new coat of paint can bring it back to life, and could be that subtle change you needed to satisfy your interior boredom. It can take a few days, but compared to the time it would take to do house viewings and appointments, I think it’s worth it. But don’t forget about the skirting and the door frames. If they’re forgotten about, they’ll stand out a lot more unless you re-gloss those too!

Get some new curtains. It sounds simple, but curtains often get forgotten about, and can become shabby-looking and dusty. You can base the colour of your curtains around the rest of the room if you don’t fancy redecorating. Or choose a bold pattern or colour and then slowly buy new soft furnishings and accessories to match. Contrary to what people think, floor-length curtains do make the room feel larger, so consider those to give the impression of heightened ceilings. Visit for inspiration and ideas.

Buy some new accessories. A simple change, such as swapping any metal decor from gold to silver, can make a massive difference. You could trade your gold handles, photo frames, and lamps to silver ones to help lighten the room and give a more modern feel. You could buy a new mirror for the hallway, or replace the rug you’ve had in the dining room for ten years. These steps will make the place feel like a different house.

Invest in some new lighting. Lack of lighting can make your home look dull and feel smaller than it actually is. Natural lighting is obviously the best, so try and move any dark furniture or ornaments away from a window, as this will be blocking the light. Some people can’t do anything about their lack of natural light, so go out and buy some bold ceiling and floor lamps. Put them in the corners of the room to make the room appear bigger, and watch the transformation from dull to dazzling.

Will you #RenovateRedecorateInspire, or will you brave the house move?