Brand Focus: Quooker


Have you ever wished you could have boiling water on tap? Then you need to give your kitchen a makeover and install the innovative Quooker instant boiling water tap. Not only can you enjoy a cup of tea on demand, but you’ll save time and energy while you do it – there’s no more waiting for the kettle to boil, and even when left on standby, a Quooker tap costs just 3p a day, thanks to the patented high vacuum insulation.

Inspiring users since the 1970s

The story of the Quooker is really the story of an inspirational father and son team, Henri Peteri and his sons Niels and Walter. Henri Peteri was in London working on the development of instant soup, when he had a lightbulb moment: the soup would never be truly instant unless you had access to instant boiling water. And so the idea for the Quooker was born, with Henri remortgaging the family home no less than 7 times to pursue his invention. But it was son Niels who would bring the first Quooker instant boiling water tap to market in the 1980s. Since then, it has become a fixture in kitchens across Europe. Innovative, functional and stylish, the Quooker has come a long way since Henri Peteri’s early foam prototypes and is constantly refining and optimising the ever-increasing range of Quooker products.

Versatile, efficient and innovative

Whether you want to boil potatoes, cook early season asparagus, make a jug of filter coffee or fill a hot water bottle, the Quooker delivers consistent boiling water, time after time. With a contemporary tap on the work surface combined with a well-insulated tank out of sight below, this clever Dutch invention is efficient and amazingly economical, especially if you choose a COMBI tank that produces both hot and boiling water. By bypassing your main hot water tank, the COMBI ensures hot water on demand – no more waiting for hot water to be piped around the house! And at just 3p a day, you’ll soon notice the difference in your pocket.

A revolution in kitchen safety

Each year, hundreds of casualties are caused by knocked over pans and spilt kettles. With the Quooker, accidents involving boiling water become a thing of the past thanks to safety features like the childproof push and turn handle and cool touch insulation so the spout never feels hot to the touch. Height adjustable to prevent splashing, the Quooker tap lets you know when it’s heating up or dispensing boiling water and the fine spray nozzle prevents burns.

A Quooker to suit your style

Whatever your needs, there’s a Quooker to suit your kitchen. Prefer to keep your original mixer tap? Then choose the standalone Nordic or Classic boiling water tap. The Nordic Square and Nordic Round twin taps are the ideal solution if you choose the Quooker PRO boiling water tap and want a practical and stylish finishing touch for your kitchen.

Opt for the COMBI tank and you can choose between the new Fusion or Flex style Quooker taps. These single taps combine mixer and boiling water functions, delivering convenience and style in a space-saving solution. Sleek and contemporary, the Flex has the added bonus of a flexible pull out hose for extra functionality. Cleaning your dirty pans has never been so simple or efficient!

Quooker boiling water taps are available in a range of finishes, from polished stainless steel and on-trend high shine chrome to a subtle brushed chrome for a more understated impact. If you’ve ever dreamed of a tap that could do everything from preparing noodles and couscous in a trice to keeping your pans sparkling clean with the power of steam, then you need a Quooker boiling water tap in your kitchen.