You’ve just bought your new home and want to throw a housewarming BBQ for your neighbours, family, and loved ones. It’s only natural that you want your house to look its best and such a factor would be a point of pride for any self-respecting new homeowner. While you may have all the indoor furniture sorted, your BBQ will be in the backyard and having the right accessories in place will make all the difference in the world.

This is where you should consider installing a retractable pergola canopy. Pergola canopies are made from horizontal slats which are arranged in a manner to admit light and air but keep out rain and heat. Pergolas will add to the overall aesthetic of your backyard and home and will make the experience for any visitors all the more enjoyable and pleasing. You could also consider adding a canopy or a louvred roof system to add a modern element to the classic Pergola structure.

Standard pergolas do not have a retractable canopy and the feature definitely adds to the overall experience. Stationary rafters don’t offer protection against the rain while a retractable canopy pergola will offer that protection. You can now sit and watch the rain while staying dry and enjoying the look and feel of a traditional pergola.

You can sit and enjoy yourself under the pergola for hours on end as slatted louvre systems are designed to withstand a variety of different weather conditions, including heavy rains. The motorized element is so simple to operate as all you need to do is push a button and the louvres and slats will move according to your preference.  No longer will you need to slide heavy canvas sheets and struggle in protecting your structure from rain and other elements of nature.

With full 180-degree rotation on the slats and louvres, which can be controlled in a surprisingly detailed manner, you can adapt your pergola to any weather. You could have them open and enjoy the sunlight pouring through the slats, only to flick a button and have the slats close up to stop the rain from pouring in.

However, having such a visually pleasing piece of decoration and utility in your home demands a certain level of attention and care. To ensure you get the most from your pergola and maintain its longevity, you need to ensure you keep it clean. Wash each panel on the pergola and use a low-pressure garden hose to first rinse your pergola. Avoid using high water pressure and harsh chemicals as these are the two biggest factors that will affect the finish on your pergola.

If you’re looking for quality pergolas, in different designs and made with quality materials, then you should consider buying a Mary Grove Retractable Pergola Canopy. The quality of work is not only impressive, but the installation and DIY guide is also so simple you can easily install the pergola on your own. Rather than install boring awnings for home use (when they were originally designed for storefronts only), try looking at a pergola canopy!