Brilliant Bedding Styles and Ideas for Bedroom Designs



 Often times the bed is what we most cherish in the house, especially after a hard day’s work. You should also be devoted to making it the best-looking place as well, of course. How are the aesthetics of the house compared to that of your bed? If you are spending more time home cleaning than deciding on type of sheets and covers, then you are doing your bed injustice. You should spend more time personalizing and making the bed even better and an even more preferable place to be in. Here are some ideas you can use for that goal:

  • Match Bed Colors with Room Colors

How about you make the room really look like an extension of the bed. You can mix and match their colors, have them resemble each other as much as possible, with patterns, shades and whatever else you can think of. Even better if you can match the cover or sheet fabrics with the fabric of the curtains. House cleaning will be slightly frightening of course, as you could discolor something and ruin the design, but that could mean mastering the art of keeping the home clean the best way possible as well.


  • Project Yourself Through the Bed Style

There are many ways in which you can show what type of person you are depending on the bedding you choose. For instance, it’s not far from the mind that you are an adventurous and escapist type if you like dragons on your sheets and covers, or maybe a little immature if there are still Spider-Man and Mickey Mouse leftovers on the bed. But you can show more than that. You can use covers and pillow cases with vibrant colors to show for your energetic nature, or how about darker colors to reflect on how lost in thought you occasionally get. Research the different colors and their meaning and see which one fits your character the most.

  • Go Old School

Retro bedding is still a thing and you can find many beautiful designs that will feel great in the bedroom. Chartreuse wool and stitched patterns that crisscross and speak through the centuries will be an excellent visual for the bed and will be appreciated by anyone familiar with the style and themes. And the small number of pillows will also drastically differ from the usual modern pillow-filled beds. You just need a pillow for each side, case matching the sheets and that’s it. No need for fluff or extra padding and decorations – simply the bed and old school theme.


  • Seasonal Style

How about making the bed fit the season? Yes, have a green themed bed for the spring, with all the sprouting and initial blooming. Have a more golden or silvery bedding for the summer, to reflect the water surface’s sparkly colors and shine of the sun. Then comes autumn with the yellow and bright red and leafy brown chaotic patterns that will look astonishing in a mixture between your sheets, pillows and covers. And, finally, you have winter’s white and creamy color scheme that will brighten up the bedroom even in the coldest night.

You will never run out of options for beddings just as you won’t run out of imagination. Whatever comes to your head, try to implement it to make for a brilliant design or idea. Experiment as much as you can and create out cleaner or messier patterns that you will enjoy no less than ones assembled by a professional interior designer. And then comes only the bedroom cleaning and implementing said ideas to create designs that you will adore.