Brilliant Chalkboard Crafts for A Creative Home


Chalkboards are for more than just your children’s classroom. They provide a great opportunity for you to keep notes, create a menu that changes from week to week, or a countdown to the holidays. While chalkboards may seem plain, they are anything but. They also provide a great way to express your personal style and creativity around the house.

Table Décor for the Holidays

The holidays are in full swing, and now is the time to impress our in-laws again. With small chalkboards, you can create place cards for a party, or a Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday announcement. You can also use circular chalkboards to place plates on with holiday greetings or any other creative design.

Chalkboard Drinking Wear

What do you do when you have friends over and six of the same wine glasses? Try dipping your wine glasses into chalkboard paint – your friends and family can write a personalized message on them, and no one can backwash into your hot cocoa. This is also a great idea for labeling glass containers such as those for sugar or rice. You can also use chalkboard paint to create a unique mug – a great and truly special gift to give for the holidays.

A Kitchen Menu

Whether you use chalkboard paint or purchase a full piece of the chalkboard, a chalkboard is a great addition to any kitchen. You can create a weekly menu, or keep a list of what you need to pick up from the store that week. Your husband can write that he needs new socks, or you can write sweet notes for your children – honestly, the possibilities are endless. A chalkboard, such as one from Versachalk, in the kitchen is always a good idea.

Take it up a notch and create a magnetic chalkboard. You can keep a copy of a soon-due bill, your child’s field trip permission slip, and more. It never really seemed as if a magnetic chalkboard could be of any use outside of the school building, but they are revolutionary and offer numerous different uses.

Personalized Gift Labels

Is there chalkboard everything? Of course, there is! With the holidays just around the corner, we are all brainstorming how to creatively present our loved ones’ gifts. Chalkboard gift labels are a great way to give that perfect, personalized touch. You can use a sticker to close a gift bag, or a tag with a ribbon to add that final and beautiful touch to a gift.

Christmas Ornaments

Most of us, depending on our age, have plenty of customized Christmas ornaments that have sentimental value to us. However, each year should bring something new to our Christmas tree. You can either buy blank chalkboard ornaments, or you can paint on previously made ornaments with chalkboard paint. Let yourself or your children create fun designs, write holiday messages and more with this new and unique Christmas tradition.

Write on the Wall

Can we say one more time that we love chalkboard paint? A great way to help your children embrace their urge to write on the walls is to designate a wall to be transformed into a chalkboard. These reusable walls are a great idea for a playroom or bedroom, and even in the living room if you so desire.

Who said that chalkboards were boring? Try out a few of these crafts this week and get ready for the creativity and magic of the holidays! Chalkboards are more than something that your children can write on.