Bring Warmth into the Living Room with these 5 DIY Ideas


Winter is here. Something tells me you’re just as tired of all the cold temperatures and snow as I am. But there’s some DIY ideas I’ve found to warm things up in my living room without busting my bank account.

1. Light Scented Candles

We’ve all walked into homes or apartments that smelled amazingly delicious. Scented candles are an inexpensive way to turn your living room into a warming place to cozy up on the couch.

These days there’s hundreds of scents that will enhance your mood with aromatherapy. Research studies suggest scents such as lavender provides a calming feeling and contributes to lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Popular scented candles come in all flavors such as:

Pumpkin pie brings feelings of warmth.

Pomegranate provides a rich fruity scent.

Eucalyptus offers the sweet smell of spearmint.

2.  Colorize Your Walls

Creating a warmth feeling is easy when you upgrade your living room walls by adding new colors.

Afraid it’s too much work to paint your living room? Many people do and often will focus on one wall instead. I recommend you select a forward-facing wall such as the one behind your TV or entertainment center.

Face it. Winter darkness is one of the hardest things to overcome when the mercury dips below freezing. Adding a soft yellow or deep orange color to one wall will brighten up even the coldest room by adding depth.

Warning: avoid stark bright colors. Be smart and use a color wheel to get a feel for which hues will work the best for your space. Learn what we recommend to revitalize your home.

3. Throw Down Colorful Throw Rugs

Depth and color are two elements throw rugs offer to warm up your space. Many new designs offer plush arrangements of patterns and color.

One tip many people overlook is adding runners to hallways leading to your living room adds transitional gateways which brighten up those cold floors.

Mosaic themes provide a rich depth and come in many colors. See some samples:

4.  Book It Creatively

We all have them. Those old bookshelves that are clunky, boxy and always spilling over with our favorite reads. But there’s a better way to integrate warmth into your living room while adding a splash of eye candy.

Think curves. Known by designers for centuries, broad curves are inviting and warming. Many new bookshelf designs are now available in shapes that defy tradition. Ones such as:



Word outlines.

View some provocative bookshelves that will no doubt spice up your living room:

5.  Light Up Without Fire

Electric fireplaces not only throw off heat but also provide a unique fireplace-like feel of burning wood.

If you’ve had the pleasure of sitting around a campsite fire, you know it warms not only our bones but also our souls. Designed to appear like genuine fireplaces, these units are small and even fit in the coziest living rooms.

Are you tired of your old flat screen TV stand? Shop for a new one that includes a built in electric fireplace console. Many of the newer models even come with a remote control giving you unlimited freedom to fire up your mood and warmth without leaving your cozy couch. Spring may be on the way but surviving is always the challenge. Warm up your living room now and before you know it, warmer days outside will be upon us.

John Miller is an exceptional DIY writer providing homeowners with genuine ideas to improve the look and feel of their homes.