How to Build a Successful Home Design/Construction Business


Many who get into the home design/construction business do it because they love designing and building. That isn’t any surprise, artists do art, musicians do music, writers write, accountants crunch numbers and nurses tend to patients for the same reason; they love what they do. But as soon as you add the word “business” to the equation, things take on a whole new meaning. You can still do what you love “as a business,” and be successful at it, if you follow four basic objectives.

Define Your Niche

Regardless of what vocation, talent or skill they possess, those who are most successful define and establish their niche in their community and in the world around them. To build a successful home design/construction business, you will have to do the very same thing. You might be broadly talented, but creating an area of specialization is the best way to set yourself apart from the crowd and keep a steady stream of clients needing your specific skill to your door. Learning to be realistic with your designs is something that comes with time. The cost of waste management will also play a part in any viciniy design. Everything will need to be grounded with real-life examples. You might specialize in:

  • Green or eco friendly home designs.
  • Luxury home designs.
  • Affordable home designs.
  • Eclectic home designs.

The key is to find a niche, in which you have the skills and expertise to excel at and focus on developing that niche.

Build Your Team

Recognize, right away, that you can’t do everything by yourself. Whether you are just starting out and can’t afford to hire full time staff or if you can afford to hire others to help you, build your team. Building a team goes far beyond hiring a warm body that can swing a hammer or answer the phone. You’ll also need to organize their important information with a software like Cezanne HR.When you build your team you need to consider:

  • What functions have to be performed to make your business work?
  • What skills are needed to perform those functions?
  • What type of person can do one or several of those functions best?
  • Which specific individuals are able to carry out those functions?

Essentially, your team members should have a niche inside the niche of your business.

Optimize Your Approach

Creating a systematic approach, which everyone on your team follows from the moment a client makes a phone call or walks through the door until you hand them the keys to their new home and beyond, is the best guarantee that you’ll finish the process in less time. In construction, time really is money. Optimize is a verb of action which means “to make the best or most effective use of something.” Within your systematic approach, you have tools and talents; get the best out of them. Which is why you need to implement industry best practices in information and time management, especially using a construction RFI software.

Never Stop Learning and Adapting

Another essential of building any form of success is the ability to continue to learn and adapt. Markets, tools, materials, techniques and team members all change. Learning how to tap into new markets, use new tools, utilize new materials, implement new techniques and identifying new skills in your team members or adding new team members and having them complete safety training programs such as OSHA 30 are all areas for potential growth. Learning how to incorporate new elements into your optimized approach and adapting your business to meet new challenges is of major importance when it comes to maintaining a successful home design/building business.


When you create a business out of something that you love to do can be a very rewarding experience or it can be a complete flop. By focusing on these four objectives, you’ll be able to experience the rewards that come along with building a successful home design/construction business.