Buried Treasure: Could You Be Storing Something Valuable Without Knowing?


Could your self storage unit, loft, garage or spare room be holding some buried treasure? Let’s take a look…

Most of us have a cheap self storage unit, loft, spare room or garage full of different items that aren’t everyday things we need. Sentimental items, items from childhood, seasonal hobby accessories – we all have those kinds of items in our life. 

What you might not realise is that these areas of storage could be holding on to some treasure you didn’t even realise you had. No, we don’t mean hidden treasure chests or winning lottery tickets, but rather, items that have now become worth a lot of money. Items that you thought were only worth something to you in sentimentality, but actually… their financial value has skyrocketed the whole time they have been sat in storage gathering dust. 

Are you interested to find out if you have some buried treasure at the back of your spare room? Let’s take a look at some potential gold ticket items you could be holding on to:

Pokemon Cards

Recently, old pokemon cards have gotten a lot of press because certain cards are now worth thousands of dollars. It is thought this has happened because of the Pokemon Go app and a resurgence of interest in the cartoon. There are even Youtubers purchasing Pokemon Go mystery packs for high prices just for the chance of getting a high value card. 

Vintage Clothes

Got a box of your Grandmas old clothes you inherited that you haven’t looked through yet? How about the clothes from your childhood your Mum kept for you? Vintage clothes from all the decades are worth more than you might realise. Genuine articles from the 80’s and 90’s especially are soaring in price at the moment because of the current retro trend ala Stranger Things. It’s certainly worth a browse online to see if anything you have knocking around in the wardrobe is worth a decent amount. 

Old Technology

It can be easy to amass every old phone, laptop and other piece of tech you have ever owned. It is hard to know how to get rid of it properly when it comes to security, and environmental regulations. It’s easier just to keep the item in a bag under the bed right? 

Surprisingly some of your old technology could actually be worth a little bit of money. Old Nokia phones are now a retro phone of choice for some people. Old cassette tapes, computers and typewriters are also of interest to some collectors. Old Apple products specifically hold value. 

Wooden Crates

Wooden crates have become a great little shabby chic accessory to have in the home. They are great storage boxes, they make great shelves, they even make great plant stands when they are upside down. You can often buy an old wooden crate for very little cash at your local reclamation yard or antiques shop. If you have lots of old crates in a self storage unit or garages, you could sell them for a decent amount. If you have a Cola or Pepsi crate that is vintage, you’re likely to get much more, so if you have a few of those you’re in luck. 

Football Kits

Some older football kits from memorable football events are worth a bit more online than they would get at a car boot sale. For example, the England 1990 World Cup finals away top fetches around £50 at the moment. 


Vinyl is worth more now because it is having a ‘moment’ with younger generations who didn’t get to enjoy it the first time around. Lots of new bands and performers are releasing their albums on Vinyl now because of the popularity of it. Some records may be worth more than others, with certain rare vinyls fetching hundreds, if not thousands depending on condition. 

Spare Change

If you have boxes and bags in your self storage unit, or the loft, that contain rare old coins, you could be in for a shock at the new value of some coin types. Some examples include:

  • 1917 George V sovereign London mint pound coins
  • 1933 George V penny
  • 1937 Edward VIII brass threepence
  • Silver 2p (1971-1992)
  • 1983 New Pence 2p
  • Euro 96 football £2 coin
  • Kew Gardens 50p

Are any of the above items lurking in the back of your closet? It’s certainly worth a look, especially if you suspect you could be sitting on literal house deposits worth of money in some dusty old boxes you haven’t looked in for years!