Busted: Common Car Starting Problems with Solutions


Like people, even cars face a little hiccup and need a health check-up to get back on track. There are times when your car doesn’t start leaving their owners panic. So, don’t worry when your car starts acting strangely. All car engines need three things run: spark, fuel, and compression. If any of these are missing, your car won’t move even an inch. Given below are common situations when your car isn’t taking a start along with the ways to overcome those issues.

Remains silent when you turn the ignition on: There are times when your car’s engine remains silent even though you turn the ignition on. During these situations, start with checking the battery terminal cable connection. In case the cables look corroded, clean the connectors or replace the cables and then try to start the engine.

Doesn’t start but makes chatter sound: Generally, this means that your car’s battery is dead. If this is not the case, check the wiring to and from the starter for a loose connection.


Engine cranks but won’t start: Most of the times, this is a result of no fuel in the tank or the fuel isn’t making it to the engine. If fuel isn’t a problem, check whether electrical is spark reaching to the spark plugs or not. If not then replace the spark plugs.

Engine starts but dies again: If your car has fuel injection (which most of the cars have these days), get a help from professionals. Take your car to the trusted repair shop for the company dealership to get it repaired.

Not starting during rainy days: Sometimes rain water goes inside your car electricals and could stop your car from getting start. Take a look on the distributor cap for dampness. If you see moisture in it, then get a solvent which mechanics use to clean car parts. In order to evaporate the dampness in the distributor cap, turn the cap upside down and spray the solvent in it. Then wait for the cap to dry completely and clean it with a lint-free rag. Remember, to use clean solvent, any dust particle can be hideous. Petrol won’t work here as it can ignite the fume and can cause an explosion.

Isn’t starting during winters: Every season has its own effects on your car. Cold weather can also stop the car’s ignition system. For cold starting problems, you need to get in touch with your mechanic. You won’t be able to perform the required actions if you are not a petrol head.  

These are the common car starting problems we encounter in our daily lives. Using the above key points you can overcome the starting problem easily without much panic. There are times when you do require some spare parts to be replaced like spark plugs, starters, and alternators which creates spark in order to create compression for your engine to start. You may either get it from the local dealership or can order online on websites like https://boodmo.com/.

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