How You Can Make Your Wedding Reception’s Dinner Perfect


When you are planning your big day, you want every single moment to be absolutely perfect—you want the ceremony to be beautiful, the first dance to be romantic and the reception dinner to be unforgettable. If you want to impress your guests with a memorable reception dinner, you should follow these helpful and creative suggestions.

The first thing that you should tackle is the food because your guests won’t care about the exquisite glassware if the actual dinner isn’t great. When you prioritize other wedding elements over the food, you run the risk of having a dinner that’s cold, bland or even undercooked. To avoid disappointed or sickly guests, you should hire the best wedding catering company in the local area to help you with your reception dinner. If you are throwing your wedding in Toronto, you should consider a well-regarded professional catering service like The Food Dudes. This company may be known for putting gourmet twists on comfort foods like tacos and French fries, but they are equally lauded for their refined sit-down menu. They use innovative techniques to transform fresh, local ingredients into savory meals that even a picky eater will love—carnivorous guests will adore the beef tenderloin, while vegetarians can feel spoiled with the truffle gnudi.

After planning out an impeccable sit-down menu, you will need to think about the table settings for the dinner. Remember that the less you dress up the tables, the nicer they will look—too many details will make them look overstuffed and cluttered. When you purchase or craft your wedding centerpieces, you should strive for something radiant but not overwhelming — a row of beautiful candles, a small vase of flowers or a handful of terrariums will be nice touches that won’t take up half the table or block the view of anyone seated. If you want to include more details, think of extras that will be helpful for your guests like a creative wedding menu display or an intricate name card placed on top of a plate.

After deciding on the table decorations, you should think about which guests will be sitting beside each other. You need to be incredibly thoughtful when you are making up your wedding seating chart—take your guest’s age, personality, social connection and plus-one into account when assigning them a seat. Even if you try your best, it’s still possible that you will end up with some tables filled with people from vastly different social groups. In these cases, you can always plan ice-breakers early on in the reception to prevent your guests from feeling awkward and help them mingle.

Nothing will make your guests happier than an exquisite reception dinner, especially after attending weddings in the past with cold, bland or just plain bad food. If you follow these suggestions and hire a reliable catering company, design a lovely table and make a thoughtful seating plan, your reception dinner will be positively perfect.