Can a Mattress Help Your Spinal Problem?


Are you suffering from lower back pains and other spinal problems? Unfortunately, I’ve gone through various reports which show that a majority of us today wake up with different muscle problems. We tend to blame this on the tedious work that we do during the day, but while this might be true, it’s not the leading cause of our ‘suffering.’ Could it be that you’re sleeping on the wrong kind of mattress?

I recently went through a top rated buying guide where I learned that the primary cause of such muscle problems is the type of mattress that one is sleeping on. It went on to highlight the importance of sleeping on a firm bed for proper spinal alignment. So, below is all that you’ll need to know!

Their Superior Comfort

I would like to start by saying that you can never have too much support. However, it’s easy for you to feel uncomfortable during the night. Last year, I visited a nearby home shelter and realized that we’d neglected the older adults. Aside from their poor living conditions, a good number of them cannot afford a firm mattress. Eventually, they end up suffering from back problems and may even need a walking stick to support their body and to walk!

Proper Spinal Alignment

Even during sleep, maintaining the right posture is essential. If your spine is not aligned correctly for close to eight hours, then you’ll have a hard time working the next day. Once you use a firm mattress, you’ll keep it perfectly aligned, and you’ll get through the day with ease.

Healing of Muscles

You might be working in tedious working environments like construction sites. So, in the process of carrying massive stones and moving cement from one point to another, you might end up damaging your back muscles. Although applying ointment helps, it’s not a long-lasting solution.

First, it’s crucial to check the mattress that you’re using. Is it firm or sagging? You’ll need to ask yourself this question because the human body cannot comfortably rest on a soft or sagging bed. This is because it’s always trying to make up for the ‘weird’ sleeping position. Of course, it’s not only the spine that requires great posture, but you should also look at your neck, limbs and other muscle rich body parts.

Proper Distribution of Weight

You’re probably suffering from back pains because you’re not giving your body enough support throughout the night. In doing so, it causes the body to ‘hang’ in one direction. Eventually, this causes misalignment of muscles and joints. So, when you wake up in the morning, a stiff lower back will be the first thing that you feel.

Choosing One with Just the Right Firmness

Shockingly, even a mattress that’s too firm can cause health and sleep problems. It needs to support your whole body by maintaining a ‘neutral’ position to give your head, heels, shoulders extreme comfort. These free up your back muscles allowing veins and arteries to relax. It also prevents your back from collapsing as soon as you get into bed for improved breathing as you sleep.

Above are just a few reasons on how a good mattress can heal your spinal problems. I should also mention that even though I prefer firm beds, your body type may need a softer model. In any case, the decision rests on you!

It may take some time before you get the right mattress, but hopefully, by following this guide, you won’t have to shop for long. Keep in mind that your back is a sensitive part of your body and needs careful attention.