Can a Mattress Really Affect Sleep?


So can a mattress really affect a person’s sleep? The answer is quite obvious and it is yes, a mattress can definitely affect a person’s sleep. We understand that many of us can sleep anywhere at all, be it a spring mattress, and orthopedic mattress, a gel mattress or even the floor. The question here is not about whether you can sleep or not but rather about the kind of sleep you get on a certain surface.

Many of us sleep on mattresses which are unsuitable for us for most of our lives and then develop back pains and other more serious issues. In this article we are going to tell you the kind of effect the kind of mattress you have is having on your sleep and how to optimize your sleep so you wake up fresh and do not develop any sleep-associated issues.

Changing Your Mattress

Most mattresses have a lifespan of around 8-10 years. You must try your best to not keep a mattress for longer than 10 years, because you may start developing problems in your back and with your sleeping patterns without knowing.

If you buy a new mattress and after 4-5 months of use you realize that you have not been sleeping well then change it as soon as you can. If you have been sleeping well but after some time you start to develop backaches or neck and shoulder aches, then too you must consider changing your mattress as soon as possible.

Other than that, if you are perfectly happy with your mattress, you must remember to flip and rotate it after every six months or a year. We understand that most people ignore this caution even though everyone knows about it but this is really what determines the longevity of the mattress and the quality of your sleep.

Kinds of Mattresses

Visit if you want to purchase a mattress that fulfills all your needs and have it delivered at your doorstep. Moving on, let us talk about the kinds of mattresses there are:

  • Memory Foam
    Memory foam or viscoelastic foam mattress is a very common type of mattress. It is made of polyurethane foam which provides good support for the body. It contours itself in the position of the sleeper lying down on it which makes it great for people with aches in their joints and back. Memory foam uses the sleeper’s body temperature to adjust its own, making itself very comfy for the sleeper so that they no longer wake up restlessly.
  • Hybrid Mattress
    Hybrid mattresses are so called because they are a fusion of memory foam and coil or spring mattresses. They are a great choice for picky sleepers as they provide the advantages of both kinds of mattresses in one. The temperature gets diffused in the mattress and away from the body which causes the sleeper to be more comfortable and the coils in the mattress gives it its shape and cause the sleeper to toss and turn less frequently.
  • Latex Foam
    One of the most difficult kinds of pains to cure is the lower back pain and this is exactly the kind of mattress that cures such pains. It also absorbs the motion of the sleeper so that if the mattress is being shared by two people, one’s movement will not affect the other’s sleep.
  • Spring Mattress
    Everybody loves the spring mattress. It is arguably the most comfortable choice, if not the most durable. An innerspring mattress provides ample bounce without making it excessive and it is budget friendly all while providing a great night’s sleep.