Next time you look into your closet for something to wear, really take notice of how many accessories and pieces of clothing you’ve got in there – you’ll probably be surprised at how much there is! Over time, we often buy more and more items, but rarely get rid of things we stopped wearing for one reason or another. Perhaps you got into a trend that died quickly, maybe you’ve lost weight and something just doesn’t fit you anymore, or you could even find you’re simply not into wearing black items anymore and prefer color. Whatever the motive, it’s time to do something about it!

If you really feel like you own far too many clothing items and accessories, then there are plenty of opportunities for them to find a new home, and some can even earn you some money in the process. Consider some of these options if you’ve made the decision to have a clear-out of your closet.

Swap them

Want to ditch some things but still want that ‘new item’ feeling without spending any money? Then a clothing swap meet is for you! These are taking place all over the world right now and are rapidly becoming the best place for fashionistas to gather and strike some deals. If you’ve got a bit of a bargaining streak in you, then you can easily turn a few old shirts into a pair of jeans. Check out if there is a clothing swap meet near you by signing up to an organization like Meetup and joining this group.

Sell them

Some of us have expensive items that we feel we can get a decent return on – therefore it makes sense to sell that item online. Rare or vintage items are especially sought-after by many shoppers, so if you think you’ve got something that could fetch a pretty penny, then be sure to see if you can get some good cash for it! Vinted and Poshmark are great places to sell clothing online, but if you have an item that could be worth thousands, like a luxury watch, then it’s worth selling on specific websites which only deal in that accessory. If you’re unsure how much to price it for or what details to mention, then see what others have done and try to emulate. If those Tag Heuer watches are anything to go by, then there is a great opportunity to make a lot of money for a timepiece that could have been sitting idly in a drawer.

Give them away

Put simply, giving to charity feels good. If money is no object and you simply wish to be done with your old clothing, then H&M can take care of that. It’s not only a place to buy clothes, H&M has also set up a system in which you can drop off garments to their stores across the globe. These garments are then inspected and either sold as second-hand clothes or recycled for new purposes. Then, of course, there are fantastic organizations like Oxfam or the Salvation Army who will gladly take old clothing to help those who can’t easily access new items.

So, you see, there are many chances for you to find new homes for clothing and accessories that you no longer need. Set aside one full day and make sure you clear out that closet and either swap, sell, or give away what you don’t want anymore.