How Can You Plan a Memorable New Year’s Eve in London?


New Years’ Eve is a time for the celebration of the year that has gone by and making a promise of starting everything afresh. It is a great time to be happy and spend time with family and friends. Now, if you are one of those people who are just tired of the same old party venues and wants something new and exciting,  and even now have not figured out how or where you want to spend your new years’ eve this year then here a few suggestions for you. Among the popular venues, the party at London is considered worldwide to be the best and one of the largest. It is an excellent choice for the party this year. However, before you come to a conclusion, let’s consider a few factors.

How to choose a venue?

Firstly, decide whom you would like to spend the evening of the last day of the year with. It could be anyone from your partner, to your family and relatives or your friends. Now if spending time with your partner is what you are aiming for, there are certain things that you should consider such as considering whether to spend the night with your friends or hers. The next thing you need to do is decide how you want to spend your night. It can be anything from a quiet meal for the two of you to a wild night of music and dancing.

Then next thing you need to consider is, of course, location or venue. Now you might have already found some places in your head that you would like to go to.  So, pick one which will be most convenient for both you and the people with whom you are planning to spend it.

Now some people decide to go to multiple places on a single night. If you are among those, then select an area of the city that is more or less populated since you would not want to be caught in trouble due to various reasons in the middle of the night. Always plan your arrival as well as departure options way ahead.

Budget and entertainment are also two crucial factors. It is a smart move to make plans well ahead of time regarding tickets as their prices might increase and availability decrease during last moment rush hours.

Advantages of spending new years in London

There are plenty of places to see when you decide to spend New Year’s Eve London. For starters, Mayor’s Midnight is a trendy destination. Another excellent idea is to go with your special one and watch the fireworks happening on South Bank by the side of Thames River. The best view can only be seen from here. Among other areas, there are Waterloo, and on the South banks, there is Lambeth. Another popular destination is Trafalgar Square, and many tourists come to attend the special day there.


No matter what, the New Year’s celebration will not stop at midnight, and it will carry on to the next day. One cannot possibly miss out on the famous parade happening on the New Year.