Can Silk Pillowcases Improve Your Looks?


It is a well-known fact that everybody enjoys a little beauty sleep. Science has proven the better quality of sleep we have, and the more we have of it can certainly improve our appearance. This usually includes sleeping for around 8 hours per night, as well as drinking lots of water. Some people still believe this is only a myth, while others truly trust that it has an effect on them.


If you could find out a method which would really help increase your appearance naturally and simply, wouldn’t you want to try it?

Well in this article, we cover one of the hot topics that are silk pillows increasing your looks! Perhaps you have never considered your bed linen as a contributing factor to your beauty, however, there is science to back it up.

Just how exactly do silk pillows improve your appearance? Well, we will explain that and more below.

Scientific research has proven that sleeping on a silk pillowcase can do wonders for our skin and hair, and a lot of other health benefits.

Silk Pillowcases Reduce Acne

Research carried out at the University of Bologna has examined the effects of silk pillowcases on individuals suffering from atopic dermatitis, and inflammatory skin disease which has become more common in the last decade. Their research discovered that cotton was, in fact, an irritant to sufferers, due to its fibres and the way they move over the skin. Silk, on the other hand, includes smoother fibers which help by creating less friction and actually calming any skin conditions! Even if you do not suffer from a skin condition, silk can definitely improve your skin’s quality as it reduces the amount of abrasion on your skin during the night.

Silk also doesn’t absorb any moisture from the skin, whereas cotton does, and this can leave skin drier and more prone to breakouts which is not the best.

They Help Keep Skin Young

During the night, we make many movements as we toss and turn which apparently affects the number of wrinkles that we develop. Cotton pillows are said to be harsher on the skin, and therefore they can pull on the delicate skin throughout every move we make.

With silk pillowcases, it can help anti-ageing as it removes the possibility of wrinkles developing through its soft fibres which do not pull on the skin like as cotton pillows do.

If you have ever woken with strange marks on your face, then this is down to the cotton pillows, which cause your skin to mark and eventually wrinkle a lot easier. Therefore, it is recommended to invest in a good quality silk pillow, if you want to keep your skin looking and feeling young.

Improve Hair Health

Hair specialists have also claimed that silk pillows can do a lot of improvement in the hair department, especially when it comes to thinning of the hair. The short fibers found in cotton actually rub against the hair shaft which creates breakage, and increasing the chance of developing knots in hair as well as the dreaded split ends.

Much like the skin, hair must retain moisture in order to have shine and vitality. Therefore, the cotton is definitely not recommended if you want to have shiny locks. Sebum which is produced in our hair follicles is also greatly reduced when sleeping on a nice silk pillow, which in turn stops your hair from getting greasy.

If you really care about your hair and skin health, then investing in a silk pillowcase is highly recommended. Even if you are just curious to see how it works for you, it would certainly be an exciting experiment to carry out.