Can You Really Make Money Online?


People today are starting to ask themselves if they can really earn extra income online. Luckily, with the advent of modern innovations, the answer to their question is an astounding yes. Depending on your skills and resources, there’s a variety of online jobs you can choose from. 

To cut to the chase, here are the top ways you can make some money online. 

Freelance Writing

With hundreds to thousands of websites operating online, freelance writing is just one of the best ways to earn extra income online. However, becoming a freelance writer requires a lot of time, patience, and dedication. You need to establish your writing portfolio and your resume to attract the most popular freelance writing companies online. 

Therefore, if you believe you have a deep passion for writing, don’t hesitate to use that talent to start making money on the web. 

Online Surveys

Even if you’re a full-time student, the online world has so many jobs to offer you. For instance, there are research companies and survey sites that provide job opportunities by taking online surveys for money. Primarily, paid surveys are some of the most accessible and convenient jobs you can find online. 

You just have to join the websites, fill in the form, and start answering surveys. Once you’re done, you’ll get paid in cash or by rewards. Remember, the more online surveys you take, the more money you’ll make. 

Becoming A Virtual Assistant

With the rising popularity of several communication platforms such as Skype, many companies find it more convenient to hire people to perform administrative tasks remotely. That’s the reason why becoming a virtual assistant is one of the excellent ways of making money online. Ideally, the job of virtual assistants includes research, database entry, travel bookings, managing emails, answering phone calls, and other related administrative tasks. 

Hence, if you have good experience in doing the above-mentioned administrative works, start working as a virtual assistant now and get paid online. 

Online English Teaching

Since English is considered the world’s second language, teaching English can also be one of the great ways to earn serious money through the Internet. With many people in countries such as UAE, Japan, China, and many more who want to pay some cash for your teaching services, then you can take that opportunity to make money from it. 

So, if you’re a fluent English speaker with excellent teaching skills, you can have online English teaching as one of the online money-making jobs you can do from home and wherever you are. 

Graphic Designing

With a lot of design tools you can find in the market and businesses with terrible design problems, graphic designing is something you can make money from. As long as you have a creative mindset and excellent computer skills, you can get paid by becoming a graphic designer for many companies online. 

YouTube Videos

Nowadays, more and more people prefer to watch videos on YouTube. Because of this, you can use the video platform for making money online. With the help of the YouTube Partner Program, you can earn some income by simply creating and uploading videos on the site. Depending on the number of views you’ll receive, you’ll be given a percentage of the total accumulated advertising revenue for your videos.

Thus, if you love taking videos and have a unique personality and good videography skills, then becoming a YouTuber will definitely allow you to make more money online. 

Drop Shipping

If you have some background in marketing, getting into a drop shipping business allows you to make money in the online world. Dropshipping, for instance, is a supply-chain management method which involves partnering with a manufacturer to sell their products. 

With this business setup, you don’t need to stock and ship the products yourself. Just start an E-commerce site, display all the products, and take orders from your online customers. Of course, the price you’ll set is a bit higher compared to the original cost to allow you to profit. And although the profit margin is lower, you can still earn a lot of money if many drive more customers in. 


With many professionals like doctors, lawyers, researchers, and journalists who require transcriptions for their interviews, working as a transcriptionist can be one of the best ways to generate income. That’s why if you have excellent listening and typing skills, doing transcriptions can be a great money-making job you can give a try today.  

By now, you’ve got a lot of options for making money online. And if you find something that matches your skills, don’t hesitate to try it out. Remember, tons of online marketplaces offer online jobs you can work into. You just have to search for them to start earning extra income.