What Canada Offers to Adventure Seekers that the USA Doesn’t


The USA is one of the best places in the world for an adventure holiday, but a strong case can be made for its neighbour to the North. Canada is a breathtakingly beautiful country which any adventure seeking holidaymaker will immediately fall in love with. Here are a few reasons to choose Canada over the USA (and anywhere else in the world!):

Natural Beauty

The USA is incredibly beautiful and varied, but there is something different and unique about Canada’s beauty. Due to its geographical position and sparse population, there is a sense of tranquillity and peace found throughout the land. The majority of the country is built up of tundra, forest and the Rocky Mountains, plus it also has more lakes than any other country.

Adventure Playground

In addition to the lovely views and Kodak moments, this amazing natural beauty also means that Canada is a brilliant adventure playground. Kayaking, hiking, climbing, skiing, ice skating and husky sledding are just a few of the thrilling activities that adventure seekers can enjoy when they visit Canada.

Off the Beaten Path

As any adventurer knows, the best trips take you off the beaten path and into the lesser explored parts of the world. There are few places better for this than Canada, where you can go on expeditions to untouched areas like Yukon Territory with companies like Grand American Adventures. Visiting places like this can be an eye-opening experience and show you the great beauty of the planet. It is also an opportunity to see majestic wildlife in its natural habitat, including grizzly bears, eagles, wolves and other beautiful creatures.


Of course, adventure is not just about getting into the great outdoors. Canada is also home to some of the most welcoming, forward-thinking and interesting modern cities. Vancouver, Toronto, Quebec City and Montreal are just a few examples of cool cities that have plenty to offer any visitor. Due to the friendliness of the locals and cultural attractions, many people rank these cities as some of the best in the entire world.


Canada also has a distinctive culture that is progressive, diverse and multicultural. It is influenced by American, British and French culture and traditions, but also with its own indigenous culture. Many visitors find this culture and approach to life refreshing and forward-thinking.

Canada is a wonderful country that is quite unlike anywhere else. It is also a superb place for adventure largely due to its natural beauty, but also thanks to the people, atmosphere, cities and culture.