Have a Car? Drive Your Way to More Pay with These 5 Side Hustles


Grab your keys, there’s money to be made. No, you’re not commuting to a cube or boring office job. In fact, as soon as you take a seat in your ride you’re “clocked in.” If this sounds like a dream, more than reality, read on to find out just how real today’s sharing economy is. 


Headquartered in San Francisco, the global taxi technology company Uber makes earning a little extra easy. With its seamless online sign up process, drivers can get behind the wheel and start making money in just a short time after approval. Uber drivers must be at least 21 years old, have a valid driver’s license and an eligible four-door vehicle, in addition to proof of auto insurance and vehicle registration. Uber even offers drivers rewards, with perks like discounts on fuel, cell phone bills and car maintenance.


Food delivery companies like Postmates, DoorDash and Favor are changing the way that people order food and other everyday items. Customers can order their favorite items with just the tap of a finger. And here’s where your car come in. Delivery drivers pick up an order from a restaurant or store and deliver it to the person on the other end of the app. Postmates pays its delivery drivers, or what they call the “fleet,” up to $25 per hour. Plus, couriers get to make their own schedule and control how many hours they want to work.

Large Scale Delivery 

Break out of the nine-to-five mold with your own delivery company. A table and chairs delivery service can allow you the freedom to pursue other passions in your life while working flexible hours. First, register your business and obtain all of the necessary licenses and permits. Next, define your target audience. Will you offer services for birthdays, weddings, business gatherings? Then you can decide on your inventory and set your pricing. When you’re at the helm of your own business you will likely be making these deliveries on your own in a larger vehicle, so think about investing in a reliable truck like the Chevy Colorado. The Colorado is not only roomy and comfortable on the inside, but also provides more than enough room for a sizable inventory in the bed, plus towing capabilities if your business expands.

Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex makes it possible to build your own schedule and get paid $18 to $25 per hour. Currently operating in more than 50 cities, Amazon Flex operates via an app that connects delivery people to all of those Amazon Prime Now orders. Couriers use the app to tell Amazon when they are available via a scheduling tool, and then select a work block when they are ready to deliver. It’s as easy as showing up, scanning a package and delivering it to a customer.

Pet Taxi Service

If you have a big heart for small animals, this side gig might be for you. Pet taxi services are popping up across the country and growing in popularity. After all, pet owners who don’t drive still need a way to get to those important vet visits or grooming appointments. First, define what your services are and then meet with an attorney or tax accountant to determine if a sole proprietorship, partnership or LLC is best for you. In addition to your vehicle, you will need crates of various sizes to accommodate a range of pets and dog harness seat belts. An informative and user-friendly website is key and you may even want to consider hiring a developer to help you create your own pet taxi app for easy scheduling and booking.

What are you waiting for? Fill up your gas tank and start earning.