Catching Summer Breezes: Inspiration for Furnishing Your Vacation Home or Cottage


It’s summertime once again. And, you’re ready. Except, your home isn’t. Here’s how to get your abode ready for the hot, hot summer.


Bring The Indoors, Outdoors

Summer is about enjoying the outdoors. Yet, for many people, they spend it inside working. Then, when they get home, they can’t enjoy their yard or the home. The best way to get outside is to get outside and make part of your home exist out there in the yard — even if it’s just on the patio. Maybe you can move your dining room to the back porch and eat out there whenever it’s not raining.


Put a bean bag from out there. Relax. And, let the dog run around the yard.


Bring The Outdoors, Indoors

Or, do the opposite. Make the outdoors, indoors. You can do this by bringing some plants indoors. They’re a low-maintenance item that will bloom throughout the season, and they’re very budget-friendly. You can even take some plants from your yard and transplant them to pots and let them live indoors during the summer months. Then, when you’re done, move them back outside.


Decorate With Live Plants

Display them in a terrarium, and decorate with a pot inside a birdcage of a glass vase. It will show the root of the plant, which is a beautiful transition from the garden to your home.


Sweep The Chimney

It’s not something you probably think a lot about, but the fireplace and mantel is a great decorative pod for plants. During the summer, you won’t be lighting any fires. So, you can put flowers in it. Clear out old wood pieces and ash, then look to what you already own to fill in the space creatively.


Try to stick to one theme and go nuts with it.


Think Small

Need some killer ideas? Most people think big. But, you should try thinking small.


Shaking off winter is hard sometimes. While winter is for wools and mohair, and rich, darker, colors, summer is for lighter, airier, and more breathable fabrics like linen and cotton. You also want fresh neutrals. You don’t need a lot to stay warm on a cool summer night. And, depending on where you live, you probably don’t need anything to stay warm.

Do It Yourself

You can create your own fabric-framed wall art by visiting your local fabric store and choosing some fabric that catches your eye. There are no right or wrong answers here. Basically, you just choose something you think might look nice in your space. Choose a room to start, like your living or dining room. Then, start going over color options.


Consider repainting or reupholstering items of furniture. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a wooden dining table you got from your great grandmother or a hutch. Take some time to sand everything down. Then, prime it. Then, spray paint it or apply a new finish to it.


Be careful when working with family heirlooms though. You don’t want to destroy any of the inherent value of the piece. If it’s something you’re just tired of looking at, paint it up in the season’s hottest colors.


Be Consistent With Colors

Pick a theme and stick with it throughout the home. Turquoise is in now, for example. If you wanted this in your home, you might start with the bathroom, and then redesign it with this color scheme in mind. Then, if you like it, move on to the other rooms in the house. They may not all need the turquoise treatment, but they might benefit from a splash of it or maybe a strong accent.


For example, accent pillows are an inexpensive way to add color to your design. And, it also ensures all your pieces work together. The covers can be removed, too, meaning you can wash them and swap out colors depending on the season.


The Bathroom Beach

Beach is in, especially for bathrooms. Everyone is doing it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. In just a few steps, your bathroom can be a beachside oasis you’re dying to visit. Add an inexpensive canopy over your bed or toss a few oversized pillows into the space. It will lighten it up and make it feel more inviting and relaxing.


More Light

Summer is a bright time of year. Yet, most homes are like caves. Lighten things up by adding more bright light. An easy way to do this is to get some “daylight” bulbs and use them as diffused lighting in torch lamps or in other indirect lighting sources.


Pick one or two pieces of lighting hardware for high-traffic areas like your living room or kitchen. Then, add some lights to those areas. Not everything has to be “daylight” bulb bright, but you’ll be amazed at the difference a few of these bulbs make.


Be careful. They’re bright, and can cast harsh shadows, which is why they’re great for diffused lighting, but not so great for direct lighting.


Ewan Robson is a keen interior designer always happiest when he has his teeth stuck into a new project! He also enjoys writing decor inspired articles where he shares his interior design ideas with others.