Ceballos reveals what did Zidane point him out


The most reputable Madrid media pointed out on Dani Ceballos and Gareth Bale as the most affected players after Zinedine Zidane’s come-back. The reason number one for this is that exactly these two players were the ones to criticize Zidane the moment he decided to leave Real Madrid. This happend not even a whole year ago, in the summer when the French coach of that time came up with the news out of a sudden that his final decission is to leave the “King’s club”.

Only nine months after that very decission, the terrible situation of Real Madrid, fight to survive the end of the season, made Florentino Perez to beg the French expert and ex Real Madrid player to, please, come back and keep on leading the team to the glory, as he did before. After seeing his beloved club in such bad conditions and all broken, Zinedine did, however, gave a green light for his spectacular come-back. This made the Spanish media think about Ceballos and Bale’s position after having said all what they did only a few months ago.

Judging by the transparency of Zidan, that critics are already forgotten as both Bale and Ceballos did play against Celta, the last Real Madrid match at home. The Spanish national team player used to play more under the dirigency of Lopetegui and Solari, but he now confirms the reassuring message that he got from his old-new coach.

“His spectacular come-back at a time when we are facing big problems before the end of the season is the best thing that could have happened to the club. Zidane has always been honest and direct with me and has always shared whatever he thinks about me. Only several days ago he spoke with me and told me he has been analyzing and observing my play and effort all season long and he just asked me to keep on doing the same and playing at the same level as from the beginning of the season. He claimed to give me as much opportunities as he is going to give to the rest of my teammates which kept me calm additionally. We all know how important he is for our team, he brings the much needed tranquillity and he knows how to deal with difficult situations. He even found place for Keylor Navas and Isco, players that lately seem to be forgottend and taken apart from the rest of the team.” – says clearly Ceballos at the last press.

It seems like the famous come-back of the coach have brought a lots of happiness in the dressing room. The last match against Celta at Bernabeu have prooven exactly the same, as the whole team seemed more enthusiasmatic and motivated. Moreover the fans adore his beloved coach and give him a lots of credits for Real Madrid success in the past five years as a coash. They feel confident again and are willing to see their team where it belongs, among the best ones not only in Europe but in the world after experiencing one of the worst seasons of the history of the club.