Changes on the body that reveal your age


It seems like the fear of getting old is one of the most popular among the people. The first problem that appears is that the shape of the body drastically changes which is something that the people dislike the most. Some things that we manage to hide just because we are young and beautiful are starting to show off once we cross a certain amount of years. The doctors recommend to read more about the things that are most likely to happen with your body once you get older so you will not mistake them with some deseas.

The teeth become less sensitive

Your teeth become less and less sensitive on hot and cold food and drinks. Even though this seems like something good, it can actually be a dissadvantage. According to the assosiation of dentists, the nervs of the teeth can become weaker and weaker over the time, therefore its functionality reduces. When they come to that stage of life, they are less likely to feel the symptoms of caries which is a disadvantage.


Your nose grows

On average the people’s body stops growing at the age of eighteen. However, some parts of the body, the nose is one of them, keep on growing untill the very end of the people’s life. This is due to the change of the soft tissues, the muscles and the cartilage that form the nose. Unlike the bones, the cartilage keeps on growing, therefore the entire nose is growing constantly. This proces is somewhat more intensive and fast between the age of fifty and sixty years of the life. Moreover, the top of the nose tends to go down with the time.


The shape of your hips changes

As you grow older, the loss of liquid in the cells plays a big role, therefore transforms your entire body. The slim shape and the curvy hips turn into badly shaped narrow hips. But this is not the case only with the women but with the men as well.


The lashes become shorter

The unappropriate care for the eyelids, the problems with the thyroid gland as well as different kind of alergies are the number one factors responsible for the length and density of the lashes. This is one of the most common changes that appears with the age. According to some researches, in 44% of the cases the people have drastically noticed the change of their lashes with the age.


The feet become bigger

The orthopedists claim that our feet become flatter over the time, therefore longer and wider. That’s because the ligaments and the tendons become weaker with the time. This makes the people change number of shoes for bigger one once they become older.


The spots on the face disappear

More often than not, the people with light tan and red hair tend to have spots on their face. They show up at the age of puberty. But the truth is that with the time they slowly but surely disappear. The older one gets, the cleaner his face becomes, believe it or not.