Cheap Entertainment Ideas for Students


As a student, having fun and socializing is an important part of the college experience. Whether you’re studying on-campus or taking on an online program such as an MSW online from Rutgers Online, making new friends and doing fun things together is going to shape your best memories of your student life. However, as a student, there’s no need to be splashing out on costly entertainment that’s going to leave you short on your rent. We’ve put together some of the best ways to find cheap entertainment ideas on a student budget.

Movie Night

If you’re living in student accommodation on campus, organizing a movie night can be a cheap and fun way of spending some time with your housemates and with other students who live close by. If there is a communal area at your college with a television that you can use, then you could even put together a larger event for more students to attend! Instead of paying for costly cinema tickets, making home-made popcorn and turning to Netflix for movies can be a great alternative, and a fun way of spending more time with your friends. A movie night can also be a great way for online students to meet up and socialize, something that’s less common with degrees such as online MSW programs than it is on campus.


Volunteering at fun events is a great way to get a free ticket, including at concerts for your favorite bands, music, film and food festivals, and anything else that you might be interested in. As a volunteer, the downside of your experience is that you’ll need to work, for example, behind the bar or as a steward for events. However, this is definitely worth it if you can get free access. Along with this, don’t forget that voluntary work can look great on your resume as both a student or graduate and can lead to paid work opportunities in the future!

Connect With Nature

Some of the best things that you can do are free. Spending your weekends at a local park, hiking, going on bicycle rides with your friends or even going home to walk the family dog can be a great free way to spend your time! Or, depending on the state in which you live, you could even spend a weekend soaking up the sun on the beach! Along with being mostly free to enjoy, spending time in natural settings can also help to improve your health and wellbeing as a student.

Join Student Clubs

Some student clubs and societies will charge a small membership fee, but they are a great way to meet new people and get involved with free and cheap activities throughout the academic year. You might even be able to get involved with managing a student-led club or activity group, which can be a great addition to your resume, and a lot of fun, too.

Share your best free or cheap entertainment ideas for students in the comments below!