Cheap Style Tricks That Will Make You Look Expensive


Are you looking for some simple style tricks? This post brings you the best ones. You don’t have to spend much if you want to look expensive. It is all about doing small changes that will improve your overall look. When you read the tips that I have to share with you today, you will know how to do it in the right way. Read on and find out more about this!

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Take care of your skin

When your skin looks tired or dry, this will impact your overall look. Make sure that you clean your skin with gentle products twice a day. Remove all makeup residues before you go to bed. Also, make sure that you exfoliate at least once a week. This will leave your skin smooth, so the makeup will look better.


The basic must-have accessories

Accessories can do so much for an outfit. A nice watch, a pair of glasses, and a chain necklace are the basics that you can put into any outfit and look gorgeous. You don’t have to own a large collection to look stylish. The right picks will do the trick.


Layer neutrals

The color scheme of your clothing is very important. If you want to look stylish without effort, create outfits with neutrals. Beige, white, and camel are a perfect combo. You can never go wrong with layering your favorite neutrals. They will make any outfit look soothing to the eye and stylish.


Practice the cat eye

The cat-eye is one of the makeup looks that suit any woman. You can wear it for any occasion, and any time of the day. Pick a good product that will make the process of application easier for you and won’t smudge during the day. Messy makeup doesn’t look so good, so be careful with it.


Wear patterned tops

Fun patterns are a nice way to spice up your outfits. But, make sure that you use them wisely. To make the process easier for you, always buy patterned tops and neutral bottoms. This way, you can quickly pull off a killer outfit. If you want something casual, pair up your favorite boyfriend jeans with some retro t-shirts. I choose to avoid patterned trousers and skirts, as they can be so difficult to make combinations with. They will lead you to spend more money on neutral tops, so keep an eye for it.


Use dewy finish foundation

The matte finish will make your face look tired and cakey. If you want to look fresh and rested, consider switching with a dewy finish foundation. The glowy finish will sculpt your face gently.