Where Are The Cheapest Places To Purchase A Flagler Machine In Pittsburgh?


If you are in the market for a Flagler machine for your HVAC business, then you might run into sticker shock. An essential for HVAC ductwork, a new machine can cost upwards of $3000. The good news is that you can buy Flagler machines used, often for a fraction of the price. The key is to know the reputation of the company or individual you are buying it from. As with any other type of industrial equipment, making sure that it works properly is not only essential to your business, it is critical to keep you and your employees safe when using it.

There are several used equipment dealers in Pittsburgh, and thanks to the internet, companies all across the country can be easily accessed. But they aren’t all the same in quality, nor do they come with the same warranties. The key is to find a company that will offer you a warranty and won’t charge you a huge sum for shipping charges, which can be considerable. To find a flagler Pittsburgh machine in good condition, try these common places to look.


Check out your local classifieds to find out if there are any machinery auctions in your area. Since Flagler machines are so expensive, if an HVAC company goes out of business, they generally want to try to recoup the cost that they spent buying it new. Although they probably don’t offer any type of warranty or guarantee, the auction house will likely let you try it out before bidding to make sure that it is operational. Auctions are an excellent place to underbid what a Flagler machine is worth.


Ebay might come with a little more assurance that the machine that you buy is in working order. If you read the reviews and feedback for the seller, you can get a picture of how reputable they are and what other customers have to say. Since Ebay also has buyer protection and gives disappointed buyers the ability to leave negative feedback, when you buy used machinery, you can usually find one that is in good working order or fully refurbished. Just make sure to read through the description fully to make sure that it works properly without any glitches. Also, pay close attention to the shipping fees. Sometimes what looks like the best deal at first can become super expensive when shipping and freight charges are added to the total.


Although it’s not as popular anymore, Craigslist is an excellent place to search for a Flagler machine in the Pittsburgh area. Sometimes it is even possible for you to try to barter for something the other person needs that you have. The ability to pick it up locally will also save you on shipping charges, and you will be able to see the machine’s condition in person before paying for it and having it shipped. Just be careful: Craigslist can sometimes be riddled with scams. So if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


Amazon is also an excellent place to look for used or refurbished Flagler machines. Amazon has an excellent reputation, and since a Flagler machine is a costly purchase to make, having the Amazon guarantee gives you a degree of security that you might not get when buying from other sources. Although there might be a limited supply, if you are willing to wait for one that is in your price range, Amazon is an excellent place to find what you need.

Used machinery stores online

There is an abundance of used machinery shops online that sell used and refurbished Flagler machines. The key is to really look around, read the reviews about the online stores, and check the fine print about what type of warranty they will provide. Also, comparison shop across sites to see who has the cheapest delivery charges so that you can get one at a price you can afford.

Flagler machines are an integral part of your HVAC company, but they are not inexpensive, and they can be a huge investment if you buy new. The good news is that you might not have to buy new if you can find a used or refurbished one to suit your needs at a price you can afford.