How to Choose a Color Scheme when Painting Your Living Room


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You have completed all your home repairs and now you are taking on the task of decorating your living space. De-cluttering would be the number one choice for that activity – start with a clearance company and call in a rubbish removal service to get rid of all the unnecessary items lying about your rooms. And after that it’s time to handle something much more colorful than junk clearance. The living room, your social space in the house, is an important room to consider. Think about these ways of decorating it, which cover painting and decor choices, to help determine your color scheme.


  1. Determine your style. Are you going for a modern, industrial look? Country rustic chic? Will your space be one that is calming and serene? The style that appeals to your taste will help to determine the color scheme. Take a look at your furniture and decide how you will incorporate them in the space, then go from there. And do experiment if you wish – you can always use the rubbish clearance company for that job as well.
  2. Pick your inspirational piece. Rather than starting with a paint colour, pick an item that you know will be an important focus in the room. The fabric of your furniture or a throw pillow would be a good place to start. Choose 3-5 colours that would blend well with that piece and play around with the colour options.
  3. Experiment with your walls. Pick up some paint samples in your favourite colours. Consider the varying shades of those colours and tape them on the walls. Envision the space with each colour. Think about colours that match well with any season to give a long-lasting feel. The best junk removal service will always have your back if you have to strip the current plans and move on to other ones.
  4. Pick an accent colour. To add a little something extra to your living room, choose an accent colour that you can incorporate into your throw pillows, curtains and other accessories. Decide whether you want to go for a monochromatic look or if you are going to spice up the room with different textures and patterns.
  5. Stick with your preferences. Each year, another color becomes the “it” color to use. As the trend fades, the paint on your wall doesn’t. Stick with a color that makes you happy so that you won’t be itching it change it six months later.

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When you are done making choices, start making preparations. And after that comes the work itself. Don’t be hasty and don’t worry about overdoing it. You can always make use of the rubbish collection service to take care of any extra items and such. The important thing is the end goal – you getting a brilliant new look for your living room.