Should You Choose Faux or Real Wood Blinds?


One of the best ways to make your home’s interior look chic, sophisticated and customized is to choose custom blinds. Custom blinds can not only provide coverage for your windows, but they’re also designed to be a perfect fit, and they’re incredibly elegant. They’re a great complement not only to your interior decor but in many cases they can be seen from the exterior of your home as well.

The impact is one that’s pulled together and polished.

If you’re contemplating custom blinds for your home, one of the biggest choices you’ll have to make is whether you’ll go with faux wood or real wood.

The following are some things to consider as you make a decision.

Where Will The Blinds Hang?

Real wood blinds have tremendous benefits, which will be detailed below, but first and foremost it’s important to think about where the blinds will hang. Wood blinds are great in areas such as living rooms or dining rooms, but in areas like bathrooms, kitchens, garages or basements, faux wood may actually be the better choice.

This is because these areas will have a lot of moisture and humidity, and faux wood blinds can be more moisture-resistant and durable in these situations.

Also, if you want blinds for a room that gets a lot of direct sunlight exposure like a sunroom, this can be another situation where faux wood blinds are optimal.

Timelessness and Natural Appeal

There are two features of real wooden blinds you won’t be able to achieve with faux wood in most cases. While faux wood can be a beautiful alternative, whenever possible real wood blinds can provide a sense of timelessness and classic design that never goes out of style, as well as natural detailing of the wood that makes each set of blinds completely distinctive and unique.

Energy Efficiency

Something a lot of people don’t realize regarding the benefits of real wood blinds is the fact that real wood can serve as an additional layer of insulation on windows in a room. So, if you use real wood, you’re going to be keeping the cold out in the winter and the cool air inside in the summer.

This is a significant benefit of real wood over faux wood. Your home will be more comfortable, energy efficient and you may even be able to lower your energy bills as well.


There are color choices that are available with both faux wood and real wood blinds, but in some cases, you’ll have more customizable color options with real wood. If you have particular flooring or furniture you’d like to match your blinds to, or a stained wood trim, you can usually have your blinds stained the same color.

Finally, wood blinds can be a sound investment over faux wood. If you’re planning on selling your home in the future and you have appointed it with custom wood blinds, it can be a big selling point, and it can improve the value of your home, which is important to keep in mind when making a decision.