Choosing Eye-Catching and Useful Elements of Decor for a Kids’ Room


Children love fairy-tales and pretending, so kids’ bedrooms are some of the easiest rooms to decorate in the house, as long as you let your imagination run wild. Themed bedrooms are always the best option.

It is not only the easiest approach, as you simply create the design in accordance with a child’s passions but it is also a great way to show how much you love them and appreciate their hobbies and interests. And while colors, textures, and design elements do help create a special atmosphere, it is the little accents that truly run the show.

The worldwide strategy with toys in kids’ rooms is to keep them in storage for nighttime or for when guests come over. Toys get in the way and most of them only serve one purpose – to entertain. And this is when multi-functional toys come in and completely transform the room, creating a magical game space as a unique interior design solution.

Toys that are both a stylish accessory and a visual aid in physics

These multi-functional toys, such as a UGears train, kill two birds with one stone. They stimulate children’s imagination and incite their natural need to explore, while also setting the tone for the room and reflecting its little owner’s inquisitive personality. While this wooden locomotive is strikingly detailed, it is not just an intricate element of decor, but a fully-functional mechanic model with operating pistons and valves and ready to take off any minute.

Eco-friendly 100% natural wooden toys by UGears are assembled like jigsaw puzzles but in 3D and with no glue or tools required at any stage of the process. Some sets, like the locomotive train mentioned above, can take up to 16 hours to build, while others are easily assembled by younger children. But most importantly, every child will find the assembly process equally fun and exciting whether it will be on their own or with a group of friends. All parts of each set are wooden, very pleasant to the touch and are joined together easily with a pleasant clicking sound.

UGears’ 3D puzzle sets

Boys are not the only ones who enjoy exploring, girls would be happy to enter their rooms and find horses, carriages, holiday decorations, delicate jewel cases, calendars, and clocks with elegant and exquisite ornaments. Each set is very recognizable due to a UGears’ unique signature style and can form one beautiful toy collection, while many models are perfect illustrations of the basic principles of mechanics. All UGears’ sets are released in series that cover a wide variety of themes, from transport, musical instruments, and weapons to everyday objects, board game accessories, and even fidgets. 3D puzzle sets by UGears are not only split into groups by approximate assembly time but also by difficulty level, which means the sets don’t have to be built by just one child alone, it is way more fun to get the whole family or a group of friends involved.

To learn more about 3D puzzle sets by UGears, proceed to the catalog here.