Choosing the Right Kind of Brazilian Hair; Do’s & Don’ts


Buying the right kind of Brazilian hair has become a nightmarish proposition for most females. This is due to the deluge of varieties and choices available: different brands, varieties, textures, styles, colours, prices and so on.

This is an issue that even experienced shoppers are finding hard to navigate as the fake ones bear an uncanny resemblance to the real item.

However, there are some checks that buyers of best Brazilian hair can perform to help them in their selections, these are;

Deciding on What Quantity of Hair Is Needed:It is important that you consider the length of your natural hair before choosing the desired quantity.

It is a very simple equation; given that longer hair extensions are usually thinner than short hair, the longer your natural hair, the longer the weave required.

So, to get that fly, head-turning, boss lady swag, it is advisable that you get between 3-5 bundles for extensions that are 28cm or longer.

Ladies, avoid being like the parent who takes kids into the candy store without agreeing on what flavor to buy beforehand, you do not need the chaos that will be wrecked on your time, judgement and most importantly, your budget.

It is always advisable that you decide on the quantity of hair you need to buy and for the specific period you want to use them for.

Good Brazilian Hair Wanted, Cheapskates Need Not Apply:

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low prices is forgotten”(Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790)

The above statement by respected American statesman, scientist and diplomat is also applicable in the pursuit of the most fabulous of Brazilian hair products.

It is advisable that quality takes precedence over price every time in order to get long-term value from the purchase.

In making this purchase especially for first time buyers, patronizing a well-known manufacturer is usually the way to go. This ensures that the items purchased are of the highest quality and will offer all the benefits/advantages associated with purchasing this particular brand of hair.

For the first-time buyer, the golden rule is simple: choose virgin human hair that is of the highest quality. A company’s customer care record should also be considered in making a purchase but quality over price and the choosing of virgin human hair are non-negotiable.

Virgin human hair is recommended for first timers because it is the closest to nature of all hair extensions. It is a hair type that has not undergone any form of chemical processing or additive. This helps in the actual hairdressing as human hair is the most flexible of Brazilian hair varieties and can be used in a variety of styles and ways.

Texture, Texture & More Texture: Like the famous real estate maxim concerning land, texture is very essential in the choice of hair. Choosing an extension that complements the already existing natural hair is key as a wrong choice will leave the wearer looking like a product of the world’s wackiest rainbow parade.
To slay with your Brazilian hair-do, it is also important to choose a hair that matches your features. Nobody wants to see an extension that fits someone with an oblong face on someone whose features are more like a square.
Most women will tell you they have a hard task in telling the difference between original Brazilian hair and the fake, synthetic types.

Experts have advised that would-be buyers pay particular attention to the texture and bunding as the original type is smoother, softer and longer than the counterfeit type.

The final test of originality is to get a strand of each range and burn. Original Brazilian hairs burn due to the lack of chemicals in it while the synthetic types will melt.

Unlike the other types such as Indian, Peruvian, Malaysian and so on, hair made in Brazil is heavier in density and more versatile. This means that its more economical long term to use as it comes in various forms; wavy, straight or even curly.

Some of the top selling brands that are recommended for the discerning woman include:

a. Snoblife Hair
b. Extension Plus
c. Bella Dream
d. ONYC Hair
e. Yhasi Luxury Hair
In choosing the Brazilian hair that suits you; price, shape, texture, it is always advisable that women consult their hair stylists on. The manufacturing firms come up with new varieties and styles on a regular basis and without professional help, most women are left floundering. This leads to impulsive buying with the end result usually being dissatisfaction with the product.

It is okay to want to rock that fabulous weave you saw Rihanna wearing at an award ceremony for instance but just because it looks good of Riri does not mean it will be the same for everyone else.

Consult, ask and be careful with your choice of Brazilian hair so at the end, you come out looking gorgeous and feeling confident and happy.