What does Christmas Look Like in 2050? New graphic gives us a glimpse into the future


Last year we spent an average of £596 on Christmas presents, consumed around 10 million turkeys and munched our way through 10,000 mince pies! We are obsessed with the festive period, but how has Christmas changed over the years?

Photobox has created an interactive journey that shares festive facts from the past, present and future – giving us Christmas-loving Brits some interesting insights into our favourite day! What’s been the top selling toy throughout the years or the average cost of a Christmas dinner? Find out here…

Festive facts include:

  • 880 million cards were sent in 2015 and as much as 2 billion could be received by 2050!
  • 9 million turkeys were brought in 2005 and this increased to 10 million in 2015!
  • There was a 6.4 billion increase in food sales in the two weeks before Christmas in 2015
  • The average cost of a Christmas dinner was £103 in 2005 and £138 in 2015
  • In the 1930’s many had to save for an entire week to buy a turkey
  • We could be spending as much as £1,518 on Christmas presents by 2050

A spokesperson for Photobox said:

“Christmas has always been a time to create memories with family and friends and carry out the festive traditions we all know and love! We created this piece to see how Christmas has changed over the years and what it could look like in the future!”

You can view the interactive content here: http://blog.photobox.co.uk/christmas-then-and-now/