Claiming From Insurance After A Car Accident: Tips To Strengthen Your Case


Regardless of how minor the collision is, being involved in a car accident is never pleasant, especially if you are not responsible. However, as the victim of a road accident, filing a lawsuit against the responsible party is often a hopeless action as most irresponsible drivers flea the scene, aren’t licensed, and might not even have insurance to cover the damages. Luckily, you can claim from your insurance company with the help of a State Farm claim lawyer if State Farm insures you. To help you strengthen your claim, we have compiled this list of expert tips.


Obtain Expert Legal Backing

Even though your claim might be settled out of court, it is still best to rely on legal representation right from the start. A professional lawyer specializing in insurance claims will know just how to navigate the process of filing a claim while also maximizing your chances of receiving fair compensation. When it comes to settling on a suitable lawyer, you should opt for a lawyer specializing in insurance claims, or a lawyer specializing in car accidents.

Gather Your Evidence

You will need valid evidence that you have been involved in a road accident, as well as proof that the collision was not your fault. Therefore, you should gather all evidence that will validate your claim. Relevant evidence can include dated photographs of the incident, a verified police report of the accident, medical reports of any injuries sustained, and any receipts you have for costs incurred from the accident. It is best to hand all your evidence to your lawyer rather than the insurer.

Calculate Compensation

While your lawyer will explain which costs can be claimed, you should calculate a realistic compensation amount. In most cases, your compensation can include damages to your vehicle, medical treatment costs, loss of income due to the accident, and even pain and suffering in some instances. You will need to validate all your expenses when claiming, so you should have supporting documents such as receipts or quotes. In some cases, it will be worth your while to obtain a few quotes as additional documentation will strengthen your claim. 

Don’t Settle Too Soon

Your insurer will likely try to settle for less than the amount you claim for as a standard practice across most insurance companies. However, rejecting a compensation offer will not jeopardize your claim if your lawyer can prove that the offer is not justifiable. Therefore, settling too soon may leave you with less. It is best to negotiate the offer alongside your lawyer and avoid communication with the insurer by relying on your lawyers’ advice instead. It is relatively easy to say the wrong thing while claiming compensation for a car accident as stress and tensions are likely high. 

Claiming from an insurance company can be a time-consuming and frustrating process for various reasons. However, relying on legal representation will strengthen your chances of receiving fair compensation. Because you can include your legal fees in your compensation claim, there is no plausible reason to avoid obtaining an expert lawyer.