Clothes that should not be worn to bed


Getting good sleep is very important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you buy the mattress that suits you most at  or any other mattress store yet you feel uncomfortable when you sleep, then the problem could be the clothes you wear to bed. If you lack enough sleep or do not sleep comfortably you may develop various medical problems such as high blood pressure, weight gain, stroke, heart attack, depression and many others. And since sleeping is intrinsically linked to emotional and physical health, it is very important to wear the right attire when you go to sleep.

The first piece of cloth that you should never wear when going to bed is the bra. Most ladies prefer wearing a bra when they sleep. There is also a widespread misconception that wearing a bra when sleeping can help in preventing the sagging of breasts. But the truth is, when you sleep with your bra on you are making your body vulnerable to some health issues. To begin with, a bra is quite constricting and it is tight and so it will hinder the circulation of blood. A part from that, a bra can squeeze and tighten the region around the diaphragm. This puts so much pressure on the chest thus making breathing difficult. In addition, the wire under the bra, the hooks and straps are capable of digging deeply into the skin. This leads to irritation, cysts, indentation and welts. And as if all these are not enough sleeping with your bra on increases the possibility of getting fungal infection. This is possible if your room is in a humid climate. And when it comes to sleep quality, a bra is linked to causing sleeplessness since it hampers the ability to get a deep sleep.

The second item in what not to wear to bed is keeping it close. There are various types of form flattering and form fitting clothes which women love wearing when they go to sleep. It can be a tight top, booty shorts, spandex negligee or anything tight. While it is nice to look good, they are very risky for your overall health. Constricting clothes such as pants with an elastic band impact circulation negatively. They also affect your ability to breathe properly at night. And when it comes to breathing, the skin also need to breath and if you are putting on tight clothes, it can lead to skin irritations and infections. Tight clothes have also been linked to inhibiting the creation of melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that assists in regulating the sleeping cycle. And if the body’s natural circadian rhythm is off, the probability of getting good sleep is zero.

The third most important thing you also need to do when you go to bed is removing your make up. If you sleep with your makeup various unappealing and unattractive outcomes can result. The oil build up on the face does not get washed away and it blocks your pores. This leads to formation of pimples. And since most makeup products contain ingredients that are not natural, sleeping with makeup puts you at a risk of getting rashes, allergic reactions and irritations. For the eye makeup, the dried up mascara and eye shadow can get into the eyes and this can wake you up or prevent you from getting a good sleep.

Sleeping in underwear too can be dangerous to your health. Underwear can form a dark moist and warm environment for bacteria to breed. A part form that, sleeping without an underwear lowers the probability of developing other vaginal inflammations and irritations.