Why the Cold is the Perfect Accompaniment to a Spa Break for Your Skin


Are you worried about how the winters going to be affecting your skin? You really shouldn’t be! The winter chill can do your skin absolute wonders, surprisingly. This makes it the perfect time to pop into a local quality spa centre, and get all the treatments that’ll see you looking years younger. Here’s why the cold makes for an ideal accompaniment to a spa break.  

A Common Misconception

People have this idea that the cold weather is bad for your skin. Just because something feels unpleasant, doesn’t always mean it’s bad for you. The cold is a great example of this. Cold exposure has long been linked to therapeutic benefits, like reduced blood pressure, boosting immune system, and improving blood flow.

The idea that the winter is bad for your skin couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, a spa break with plenty of skin treatments, combined with the biting weather is the perfect treatment course for your face. You’ll look years younger.  

The Cold is Perfect for Your Skin

When your face is exposed to cold weather, it’s going to have an absolute litany of benefits. As you skin gets colder, it produces substantially less sebum and grease, which is in turn responsible for pimples and spots. Once that’s reduced you’re going to see yourself having clearer and clearer skin, perfect for those of us with acne.

On top of that, the cold reduces facial puffiness. It does this by improving blood circulation, allowing your skin to look much better and loads less puffy and swollen, which can be a real issue in the mornings. On top of all that, the reduced sunshine helps you avoid aging UV damage, which can be hugely beneficial.

Then you’ve got the simple fact that in the cold, you’re very aware about how much your face is being exposed, so you’re never going to allow yourself to be wind blasted for very long, like you might in the summer. All in all, the experts agree, the winter is great for your skin.

Capitalise on the Cold Benefits

So what should you be doing? Now you know that the cold is in fact improving the look and health of your skin? You should capitalise on it! Boost the effects, and get your skin absolutely glowing, and looking the best it has done in years!

What’s the best way to go about that? I’d definitely say a spa trip! Spas are specially aimed towards improving the look of your skin and features. Whether that’s through vitamin treatments and creams, massages or other treatments, it’s all aimed at getting your skin looking flawless. Many also offer tanning sessions, allowing you to dodge that winter paleness.

You know what else is terrible for skin? Stress. Spas are perfect for that. A couple massages and sauna sessions later, and you’ll be so relaxed, it’ll show on your face. As a combination, it all comes together to wipe years off of your features, and be supremely relaxing and fun in the meantime. Why not combine a spa and the cold to give your skin a boost?