Color Combination Ideas for a Small Kitchen


When you want to decorate your small kitchen, you might think that your color options are limited. Most people are scared to go overboard and show off their personality when there is so little space to work with. They want to make sure that everything looks fine and that the color choices don’t shrink the space visually. 

Fortunately, there are many great color combinations that you can use in a small kitchen. Let’s dive into them right away!

  1. White, Yellow, and Robin’s Egg Blue

If you’re a fan of bright colors in general, you’ll fall in love with this combination. 

White, yellow, and Robin’s Egg Blue can be great together, especially if you assign one color to each item in the room. The walls, backsplash, cabinets, and ceiling can be white. Then, you can choose yellow dishware and blue displays and barstools. It all depends on what you want your kitchen to look like at the end of the day. This color combination will reflect light amazingly and will make the room seem larger.

“White walls, ceilings, and backsplashes reflect light and make the perimeter of a small kitchen recede, which causes the room to appear larger. Choose a crisp-white paint color for the walls and cabinets, then layer in color through blue powder-coated barstools and displays of cheery yellow dishware. Consider painting the pantry door or a single cabinet in one of the bright colors for a standout accent,” suggest Ann Wilson and Jessica Bennett on Better Homes & Gardens. 

  1. Green and Gold

Green is a relaxing color that can turn your kitchen into a natural-looking sanctuary. You can use it for different items, such as cabinets, walls, islands, etc. You can either go for the same green shade for each surface of the kitchen to remove distractions, or you can choose slightly different greens for the wall and kitchen cabinetry

“When you visually blend multiple surfaces with the same color, you remove any focal points, so your eye isn’t drawn to any specific area. This makes your walls seem taller and the overall look is cohesive rather than choppy,” says Erica Young from Family Handyman. 

Pair the green with gold light fixtures and taps, and your cooking space will certainly look magical.

  1. Neutral Colors

Small kitchens look amazing with neutral colors, and it’s all due to the fact that they can reflect light better. Neutral or muted shades will improve your lighting and make the space look larger. At the same time, they can make the eyes feel relaxed by making you focus on the aesthetic features of the space instead. 

  1. Warm Wood, Goldenrod Yellow, and Turquoise

A truly nice and traditional look can be achieved by combining yellow, turquoise, and wood textures. 

Wood is great for cabinets and flooring, but also chairs. Then, you can introduce banquette seating to the kitchen, as well as open shelves, and paint them in yellow and turquoise shades. 

“Choose a rich wood stain for lower cabinetry, then go for a modern two-tone look by painting the upper ones white,” say Jessicca Bennett and Ann Wilson from Better Homes & Gardens. “Use fun medleys of vivid ceramic tile to craft bold backsplashes. Take advantage of open shelving and banquette seating to introduce pops of turquoise and yellow to energize your small kitchen design.”

  1. Brown, Rich Ebony, and Dark Jewelled Hue

Just because a kitchen is small it doesn’t mean you cannot choose darker shades for it. You shouldn’t be afraid of the dark side, because it’s easy to obtain a warm and welcoming look with dark and brown colors. 

“If you have a small, dark room, why not embrace it, and play to its strengths,” says Helen Benjamin Moore director Helen Shaw. “Incorporating a rich, bold paint color is a fool-proof way to create instant character – taking a small space from drab to stylish. Dark colors cleverly absorb the light of a space, making the division between walls appear blurred – this adds depth and dimension to a room, so the space appears larger, rather than more cramped as some may fear.”

Final Thoughts

There are different color combinations that work for small kitchens and some of them might have surprised you. Check them in detail and choose the one that best suits your tastes and the room’s design. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even go on the bolder side.