Commercial Shower Stalls for Business to Improve Your Commercial Bathroom Experience


Let’s say a large number of occupants are using the bathroom in your facility. Do you personally ask them to know how their experience was? If you want to assess the quality of your commercial shower stalls for business, then asking people about their experience isn’t the right approach. To improve the bathroom experience in your facility, you need to look out for the areas that need improvement and focus on them.

Commercial bathrooms continue to evolve over the years, and they are now becoming a relaxing and alluring component to your facility. But how do you improve your occupants’ commercial bathroom experience? Continue reading to learn more about the ways to improve it.

Commercial Shower Stalls for Business: How to Improve Your Commercial Bathroom Experience

Below are eight ways on how you can improve the commercial bathroom experience of your occupants, as they visit your facility’s bathroom:

  1. Keep up with the industry trends. Some modern facilities and offices include artistic designs into their establishments. Whether it’s using more stylish accessories or taking on the open space concepts, it’s very important to learn about the trend. What’s the latest commercial bathroom trends? Check out some commercial bathrooms so you will have an idea of how you can transform your commercial bathroom into something that will enhance your occupants’ experience.
  2. Consider getting a bathroom renovation. Keeping up with the industry trends may not be enough to improve your occupants’ experience. Remodeling your bathroom may be needed if you truly want to stay ahead of the times. Some facilities offer a comforting and stylish bathroom using the right materials and design implementations that can make a normal bathroom look and feel like a relaxing getaway. If you want to improve the experience, it’s a great idea to consider starting from the ground up.
  3. Try to amplify the space in your commercial bathroom. The good news is you don’t have to knock down any walls if you want to make your commercial bathroom appear more spacious. You don’t have to go through that trouble at all. All you need to do is to use your materials and components creatively – you’ll be surprised you can actually get a lot out of the confined space. There are different ways you can achieve this, and one of them is to use large mirrors behind the vanities. This makes the bathroom look more spacious. Another way is to leave an open space under your sinks. A lot of commercial bathrooms cover their pipes and components, but if you keep this space open and your vanities slim, it will add space to your commercial bathroom.
  4. Think long-term with your commercial bathroom partitions. When it comes to choosing your commercial bathroom partitions, you need something that isn’t just visually appealing but is also going to last for a long time. You might want to try materials like HDPE plastic. It has been used in commercial bathrooms across the country and has yielded great results. It’s a solid plastic that’s impact-resistant, durable, non-absorbent, and sustainable, which makes it the best option for your commercial shower stalls for business. It’s made from recycled materials and can easily be recycled (guaranteed for 25 years). You no longer need to worry about replacing or recycling them anytime soon.
  5. Use colors and lighting tricks. Did you know that lighting can have a big impact on your commercial bathroom experience? Stop using bright fluorescent lights, and go for something softer and energy-efficient. If you want better results, you can complement the light with neutral (but softer) colors. Using neutral colors can not only help make the bathroom soft on the eyes, but it can also reduce the sight of stains or dirt that would be very noticeable when using a brightly colored wall.
  6. Focus on improving occupant privacy. If you want to improve your occupants’ commercial bathroom experience, you might want to consider improving the bathroom’s privacy. One of the most common complaints that occupants have about the bathroom at their job is that it doesn’t offer as much privacy as they’d like it to have. There may be major gaps under the commercial shower stalls for business. Even the doors can leave a considerable space that may make occupants feel uncomfortable. To solve this problem, you can use HDPE partitions and configure them using hidden hardware and clasps so you can eliminate sightlines, which will provide a secure and private experience for your occupants.
  7. Consider investing in automated fixtures and features. This may sound expensive and seem like a major investment, but if you use automated fixtures like soap dispensers, sinks, and motion-sensing lights, you can save your costs in the long run. The soap dispensers can provide the precise amount for each occupant, which in turn, will reduce waste. The motion-sensing lights can significantly help reduce energy costs. They will also save the occupants from touching any of the components in your commercial bathroom.
  8. Fight mold and mildew ahead of time. Mold will always be the number one threat to the quality of your occupants’ commercial bathroom experience. If there are constant moisture and humidity in the bathroom, then it becomes a perfect environment for mold to grow and spread. Once it finds its way in your commercial bathroom components (like the partitions, vanities, etc.), then it will be very hard to get rid of it. However, there’s a way for you to combat mold – by using HDPE plastic commercial shower stalls for business. These materials won’t be able to absorb any moisture, so mold won’t be sprouting inside the plastic.

Times are changing, and so is the way to improve your occupant’s experience. If you follow these tips, you’ll be sure to improve the occupants’ commercial bathroom experience in your facility. If you need new parts, curtains, doors, or a complete bathroom stall for your facility, don’t hesitate to check out a reliable company that offers the best materials.