Common Air Conditioner Problems


Does it not seem that all air conditioner difficulties happen on hot summer days, just when it is least convenient? These outages leave you stifling in a house that is only going to get hotter. As you wait for the air conditioner repair technician to appear it can feel as if your brain is melting. If the temperature is hot enough, the loss of air conditioning for a long enough period of time can be quite dangerous to you and your family, and that includes your pets. Knowing this, perhaps you are wondering what some common air conditioner problems are and what you can do to prevent your unit breaking down to begin with. If so, please read on as we discuss just a few.


Improper Operation

One of the most common air conditioner problems is improper operation. If you have your air conditioning on, it is imperative that you remember to close your house’s outside windows and doors. Doing so will prevent valuable cooled air from escaping. If you have a room air conditioner as opposed to central air, isolate the room the air conditioner is installed in, or a series of connected rooms as much as possible. This will not only make your electrical bill much lower but will also ensure that you are not wasting energy needlessly cooling rooms you are not using.


Improper Installation

The improper installation of a central air unit can cause problems such as leaky ducts and poor air flow. Often, the amount of refrigerant in the system does not match the manufacturer’s suggested levels. If proper refrigerant charging is not done during installation, the unit’s functionality will be impaired. Unqualified service technicians can miss these problems entirely, or make them worse as they may attempt to add refrigerant to a system which is already full.


Check and Reset

If your air conditioner unit fails, begin by checking the fuses and breakers. Be sure to let the system cool for five minutes or so before you reset any breakers. If your unit’s compressor stops on a hot day, it is entirely possible that the high pressure switch has tripped. Try pressing the reset button, located inside the compressor’s access panel.


If none of these steps fix the problem, it is time to call for help. Deepchill air conditioner service is amazing. These highly trained technicians are well qualified and have many years experience. They will have your air conditioning unit up and running again in no time!