Common Mistakes Homeowners Make While Renting a Dumpster


The dumpster is very useful for moving out the unwanted junk but there exist certain limitation on what you can put into the dumpster and what cannot be dumped. Each and everything is not suitable to be put into the dumpster else it can result in some hazardous consequences. If you pay a little attention while you put your waste in the dumpster your decluttering task can be carried out in a smoother way.

The blog is written in order to bring forward to you all the details that are commonly made by the homeowners so that you do not commit the same.

The Mistakes made by Homeowners When They Rent For a Dumpster

These mistakes may not be noticed initially but later they can have harmful effects. Take note of the list detailed as under:

  • The first thing that must enter your mind while going for Dumpster Rentals is the size of Dumpster. People don’t check for the right size of the dumpster and it leads to incurring of additional charges.
  • As you rent a dumpster the next thing to do is to place the dumpster at the right place. If you do not check the placement initially you may end up blocking yourself. Sometimes the door doesn’t open properly or your window that is open may not move from its place and in some cases, your view is completely blocked. It is better to get the placement of the dumpster while you are at home and get it placed at the right place right before your eyes.
  • Take care of the route through which you will have to travel to and fro for removal of junk from your home. Make sure your valuables don’t come in the way. If there exists a single route then make sure you provide a necessary protective layer so that you don’t have to bear any losses due to damage of goods or your lawn.
  • Don’t put any hazardous material like fuel, oil, chemicals, pesticides or any other thing that may result in the damage to life and property.
  • Do not keep the dumpster in a sloppy area. It might be stable during the time of placement but as you put a load into it it may slip off. If your driveway has a slope, take the safety precautions beforehand and ask the people who come for placement to position it properly.
  • People don’t check the solidity of ground while placing the dumpster. The dumpster is very heavy and it is not worth placing it on the soft ground. You cannot judge the underground cover from just looking at it. Make sure the dumpster is placed on a stable and solid ground.
  • Empty up space before you call out for the dumpster. Make your mind where you can allow the dumpster that it is not a hindrance for anyone. Think of all the aspects and not just the one. You must be able to put the garbage into it conveniently.

Final Words:

The factors that are detailed above are often ignored by the homeowners but if you are planning to rent a dumpster keep these things in mind so that you come across none of the issues. You can rent a dumpster and avail all the services, empty your trash and you will face no problems.

But you are not supposed to repeat the mistakes that are committed by others. If you do not commit these small mistakes everything is taken care by the service providers from placing the bin to carrying away the fill bin and emptying it up.