Common Mistakes People Make When Furnishing Bedrooms


Your ability to function largely depends on your quality of sleep. Whereas people who regularly sleep through the night are well-equipped to tackle the various challenges each new day brings, troubled sleepers often have difficulty maintaining positive mindsets and keeping their stress levels in check. While far from the only factor that determines quality of sleep, bedroom décor choices can have a larger impact on one’s slumber than many of us realize. So, if a peaceful night’s rest has become increasingly elusive, take care to avoid the following mistakes when furnishing your bedroom. 

Buying Cheap Mattresses 

Your bed is undeniably the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom. (Heck, it’s right there in the name!) Since the quality of your bed factors heavily into your quality of sleep, there’s little wonder as to why low-quality mattresses are associated with troubled sleep patterns. This is why selecting a mattress that’s uniquely suited to your needs and preferences is essential to a peaceful night’s slumber. Still, a mattress is a large investment, and when it comes to making big purchases, most of us try to spend as little as possible. 

Frugality isn’t inherently a bad thing. In addition to helping people cope with financial hardship, bargain shopping can be a great way to curb wasteful spending. However, exercising frugality with every purchase one makes can sometimes have undesirable results. This is particularly true when it comes to mattresses. Although some people have no real preference when it comes to mattresses, many of us have very specific sleep needs that cheap bargain-basement mattresses simply cannot meet. You may get a great deal, but years of lackluster sleep quality aren’t worth the money you’ll save.

With this in mind, avoid cheaping out the next time you find yourself in the market for a new mattress. This isn’t to say you should break the bank, but quality should take precedence over price when it comes to mattress shopping. A dependable luxury mattress can provide you with years of comfort and improve your sleep quality many times over.          

Incorporating Loud Colors 

Surrounding yourself with your favorite colors can be a great way to make a space your own. While every unique color has its fans, certain colors can prove detrimental to relaxation. For example, red, orange and yellow are all examples of loud colors whose presence can make unwinding a difficult prospect. So, in the interest of peace and relaxation, opt for a soothing color scheme when furnishing your sleeping space. Soft shades of blue, green, white and grey are synonymous with calm and can add an air of tranquility to any bedroom. If you insist on incorporating loud colors into your sleeping space, make sure to select muted shades of them.    

Not Investing in Seasonal Bedding  

Although some parts of the country maintain consistent temperatures year-round, most areas experience a noticeable change of seasons. As anyone who hails from one of these areas can attest, sleeping through summer nights and sleeping through winter nights are two very different experiences. Throughout the summer months, extreme heat can make getting a good night’s sleep an uphill battle. On the flipside, the frigid temps synonymous with wintertime can turn the overnight hours into a constant battle for warmth. 

Investing in seasonal bedding can be a great way to nip temperature issues in the bud. For example, sheets and comforters made from linen and cotton are ideal for sleeping in the heat. Since these materials breathe incredibly well, they can be a boon to warm weather slumber. Throughout the winter months, bedding made from flannel, fleece or cotton sateen should serve you well. These materials are highly adept at trapping body heat and providing insulation.    

In the absence of proper sleep, each day is likely to be fraught with challenges. Since our nightly slumber serves to prepare our bodies and minds for the day ahead, it’s easy to see why troubled sleepers have difficulty functioning in a variety of areas. Although a number of factors determine the overall quality of one’s sleep, the choices you make with regard to bedroom furnishings can have a large impact on how well-rested you are. If a sleeping space that’s conducive to relaxation is what you’re after, you’ll want to avoid the blunders discussed above.