Common Pest Control Myths You Need to Know About


As a homeowner, pests are among the last thing that you expect to have in your house. For this reason, you put effort to try and fight the pests as soon as you notice their presence. Unfortunately, the presence and effects of some pests take a long time to be realized and end up causing destruction or health problems. The battle between humans and pests has been around since time immemorial. There are new inventions now and then on some of the ways to fight the pests. However, the many myths and misconceptions that humans have about pests are the reason why it is impossible to resist these small creatures. 

It is possible to win in this endless fight by clearing your mind of these myths and learning the truth about pests and pest control. Here are some of these myths that you should know about and get to save your premises or family from pests and their effects.

Presence of Pests Means That Your Home Is Dirty

As soon as you see any pest in your house, for instance, a cockroach, the first idea that comes to mind is that you have a dirty house. Additionally, most homeowners believe that a clean home can never attract bugs. However, it is essential to understand that bugs are not looking for dirt when they come to your house. Instead, they are looking for other necessary things to them, such as food, shelter, and water. It is, therefore, possible to find your spotless house infested with bugs if they can get these basic items there. A dirty home is, however, prone to more pests since there is a lot of hiding space. Therefore, keep your home clean to reduce the chances of pests’ manifestation. Moreover, seal every possible entry points such as caulks that the pests may use to access your home to keep them off.

Your Home Is Termite-Proof If It Has Concrete and Brick Slabs

Ideally, concrete and brick slabs are advisable to use to keep off pests in a home since termites do not eat them. However, as much as termites cannot eat concrete, they can crawl over the pavement and get to the wooden part used in the construction of the home. This can be a risky infestation since the homeowners will realize the presence of the termites when it is too late. For this reason, to help avoid the repair fee, which is often quite high, it is advisable to invest in termite bonds to protect the home. Additionally, get a pest control company to help inspect the property on an annual basis for safety purposes.

There Are No Bugs During Winter

Winter season is accompanied by harsh weather conditions that are uncomfortable, not to mention health hazardous. One of the few positive things about winter is that there is no possibility of bug infestations. However, the sad thing is that the absence of pests during winter is also a myth. Ideally, most of the pests and bugs die or migrate during winter due to the harsh weather and poor climate. The warm places that some of these pests might migrate into for safety could be in your house. Some of the pests, such as Japanese beetles or box elder bugs, among others congregate around your doors or windows during the fall. This is the process they follow as they get ready for the cold months. Therefore, be on the lookout to spot some of the potential places where pests can hide during winter in your house to avoid costly repairs after the season.

Bedbugs Do Not Thrive in Clean Beds

Ideally, one of the reasons why you clean your bedding as often as possible is to keep off bedbugs. Unfortunately, like any other part of your house, having a clean bed is not a guarantee to keep off bugs. You need to know what bedbugs could need from your bed, and dirt is not the answer. Instead, they are looking for a warm climate which is found in plenty in the bed linen. Therefore, although you have to keep your bed clean to reduce the chances of bedbug infestations, you need to learn other preventive measures that will keep them off.

Cheese Is the Best Bait On a Mousetrap

Whenever one is setting a mousetrap, cheese is always the most used bait on the trap. However, as much as these trend has been used over the decades, you will be surprised to find that it is not the most recommendable. Instead, rodents such as rats and mice prefer other sweeter foods such as cookies, cereal, or peanut butter, among others. For this reason, when setting a trap for pests in your home, look for a better bait other than cheese. You might keep on complaining that the trap is not sufficient, yet the bait you are using is the problem.

All Pests Infestations Can Be Solved Through DIY Means

As a homeowner, when you realize that you have pests in your house, you get online to research on some of the DIY methods to fight pests. Additionally, few people are willing to invest in a pest control company to fight the pests in your home. However, although you feel that this is a minor problem that you can do on your own, trying it could end up causing more harm than good. Since you are not a professional, you may miss some of the bugs in the house, most of which end up causing more damage. Therefore, contact an expert with affordable pest control methods to help fight since though this will cost you some few dollars, it will be a worthy investment to help care for your premises.

There Are No Bugs in The House If You Cannot See Any of Them

More often than not, most homeowners believe that there are bugs in the house after they have seen them. However, this misconception could cost you a fortune since some of the pests could live in parts of the house without being realized. You will come to find out about them after they have caused significant destruction. Therefore, have your home inspected from time to time by an expert to avoid future regrets.

Controlling pests is one of the tasks that you need to do to help keep your home or business premises safe. However, the different methods that you use to control pests could end up frustrating if you follow some of the common misconceptions. Above are some of these misconceptions that you need to ignore when trying to keep your house free from pests.