Completed Renovations? Some Useful Tips for domestic Clean-up!


To renovate your home is a big decision so too is to the tedious and exhausting job to clean up after all works are finished. The primary focus is to remove all dust that has accumulated on walls, vents carpets, windows and horizontal surfaces. Always start from top to bottom. Use a dry doodle pad to wipe down the ceilings then the walls. We also recommend that you wear either a filtered mask or disposable mask because you do not want to breathe this fine dust into your lungs.

Domestic cleaning in Adelaide from Clean Advice will minimize your stress levels by organizing a complete and professional clean after your renovations. We have the equipment, chemicals, knowledge and expertise to have your home looking like a showroom.

  •  Tips to cleaning your Home post Renovations

If for one reason or another you don’t want a professional cleaning company to help you clean after the renovations, then here are a few tips to help you achieve your goal. GOOD LUCK!!

  1.       Open all windows and allow the wind or breeze to extract some dust via the windows. I would also remove all fly screens from doors and windows so as the dust does not accumulate onto the screens which would just add another chore for you to clean. If security and privacy allows, I would leave it like this for about 12 hours or overnight.
  2.       Using a mask I would ‘dry wipe’ ceilings and walls with a doodle pad. Unfortunately while you are doing this you will have unsettled and agitated this dust, which will float back into the air and start falling and settling onto horizontal surfaces and carpets. I would allow a couple of hours for the dust to settle before I start on the next stage. Ensure you vacuum or wipe out air conditioner ducts or vents otherwise when you turn it on, the accumulated dust will go over everything that you had had just cleaned, GGRRRRR!!!
  3.       I personally do NOT use a duster to wipe down surfaces because you are only displacing this dust to resettle somewhere else. I use an all-purpose chemical and microfiber cloth to wipe surfaces. Pay special attention to corners and edges.
  4.    Once you are convinced that the dust has all been collected and removed then either organize a window cleaner or do it yourself. Next would be to vacuum the entire floor. Finally i would mop all hard floor areas using the three wet mop method. The first mop is to slosh a fair amount of water on the stone, concrete, tiles or vinyl floors (you cannot use this method on wooden floors). Wring the mop then use the second mopping to pick up the excess water and your third mopping will be to dry the floor.
  5. Please keep in mind that these are just a few areas that may be overlooked- skirting boards, pelmets, fans and blades, light switches, light fittings and door surfaces.     
  •  Hiring a Professional Crew for Cleaning after Renovations Is a Smart Decision

Everyone knows how annoying renovations are but even worse is the cleaning after the renovations. No matter the size of your construction project, you can always count on the skilled and professional cleaning services of Clean Advice to give you total satisfaction and peace of mind. Sooner rather than later, you’ll be relaxing in your dream home with the chaotic memories of renovations behind you and a bright, clean future ahead.

The price to clean after renovations varies and is dependent on several factors including the size of the home or office, the extent of the renovations whether you want your windows cleaned and whether you also want your carpets cleaned by extraction, dry cleaned or encapsulation etc. Floors need a special clean and method, especially if you have wooden or ceramic tiles. We have over twenty years of experience, innovation and methods to have your home looking like a showroom. Give us a call and we would gladly come out to your newly renovated home or office to organize a cleaning schedule and complete cleaning package for you with you.