Computer Hacking Peaked In 2017 And Symantec Fights Back With New Norton Coupons


We cannot imagine living in a world without the Internet. With the advancements in technology, security risks are also growing and hackers invent new ways to break the security of your system. 

Many people like to believe that hackers like to target only big companies, but that’s simply untrue. Whether you are a large business, a small business or an individual, your system can be a target for hackers.

Whether you use the Internet for online banking, send emails, connect with friends or check real estate market in your area, you can be a target for hackers. You must take all the necessary preventive measures to make sure that none of your sensitive information is compromised. 

We are entering a technology revolution in which everything is connected to the Internet, the Internet of Things(IoT). Connected technology brings a large number of benefits where we can literally get anything with the touch of a button, but it also brings new security challenges along. 
Any device connected to the Internet is a potential target for the hackers. When each and everything gets connected to the Internet, hackers are flooded with choices to attack the most vulnerable points in the network. 
Cybersecurity spending is growing every year, but most people still don’t take it seriously.

Growing Internet Dangers

The Internet is an amazing tool for learning and entertainment. However, the dangers associated with using the Internet have also grown over time. From hacked social media accounts to stolen credit card passwords, many people have suffered at the hands of the hackers. Our mobile phones and personal computers are like extensions of ourselves. We cannot afford to leave our devices unprotected just like we cannot leave our houses unlocked. 

According to, a hacker needs just ten minutes to crack a six characters long lowercase password. However, it becomes incredibly difficult if you use special characters, numbers, use a mix of capital and lower case letters and increase the length of the password. You should not take passwords lightly and always use difficult passwords. 

By 2021, the costs of cyber damage are expected to grow to $6 trillion per annum. The cybersecurity spending is also expected to grow well over $1 trillion by 2021. There will be more than 6 billion Internet users by 2022 so hackers will have a human attack surface of 6 billion people in front of them by then.

Cybersecurity is a growing concern and you must protect yourself in every possible way against the cyber attacks. One effective way to protect yourself is to use a good antivirus program. 

Symantec Upgrades Its Deluxe Antivirus

Norton Security deluxe is an antivirus program that offers the best protection against hacks across a range of devices such as smartphones, tablets, PCs or Macs. It offers you real-time protection from viruses, ransomware, malware and all kind of threats. When you go online, it keeps your personal and financial information safe. It alerts about the possible threats before you download an app over your smartphone. A Norton expert is available for you all the time to help you keep your devices safe and secure from online attacks. 

Software’s firewall adjusts its settings automatically to protect personal computers against possible threats. It has a dedicated password manager so that you always use passwords that are impossible to guess for all the websites you visit. You only need to remember one master password and you can exponentially enhance your protection against identity theft. 

The program alerts you about the possible threats associated with the app you are about to download. It scans your smartphones regularly and alerts you if it finds any corrupt file on your device. It promotes safe browsing experience by warning you if you try to visit a website that might not be safe to visit. 

Costs And Coupons

Norton Security Deluxe costs $89.99 for an annual subscription. The company, with the motto “no computer unprotected”, is giving incentives e.g. free trials and Norton discount coupons, to urge people to install internet security software. Currently, you can try this program for free, use it for 60 days and protect up to 5 devices. Other discount deals for Norton can be found online, at coupon sites and technology blogs.