Consider tiles or vinyl for your bathroom refurbishing


If you are interested in refurbishing your bathroom, you need not be a millionaire or moolah. All you need is the patience to select the right material. Many homeowners get confused on whether to use miles or vinyl to decorate their bathrooms. As there are numerous bathroom tiles and vinyl tiles in the market you may get confused as what to choose and what not to choose. In case If you visit the nearby showroom of tiles shopkeeper can advise you for a better option, but finally, you have to make your selection.

Limestone tiles are among the trendy choice for the bathroom area. These stand as an ideal material for the bathroom for many reasons. Slip-resistant feature possibly is the one among the many reasons for their popularity. This tile lasts for years under any temperature, low or high. However, Limestone tiles are not enough though to bear minor scratches.

In this term, Granite tiles are handy. These materials are not susceptible to scratches and etch that often takes away the charm. Like limestone, they do have water-resistant property but are little costlier than other tiles. Even if it comes expensive, they are preferred over any other marble tiles due to their extraordinary magnificence and elegance. Although, installing them all over your bathroom may not be a feasible idea for those who are conscious about their budget. However, you can bring a fantastic effect to your bathroom with a little dose of Granite.

Ceramic is an excellent option as a bathroom tile other than Granite and Limestone. Installing these tiles will enable you to use tiled area in any of the ways you want. Moreover, the variety of tile designs found in Ceramic is sure to amaze you. Their incredible collection of tile pattern will enable you to have a trendy or classic interior whatever is your choice. Among large assortments, you are sure to find that one design of your selection.

Vinyl may not be the first choice of flooring for many people. But, vinyl can be used in creative ways to give your bathroom great looks and style. Enhanced urethane is used to coat Vinyl tiles. This gives them a smooth and shiny look and protects the tiles from damaging.

If you are looking to experiment with textures, go in for woven vinyl or cushioned sheet vinyl. These have resilience and durability. You can find bathroom floor vinyl tiles in all sorts of prints and designs. There are vinyl which resembles ceramic tiles and if laid out correctly, create the same effect as ceramic tiles. There also vinyl flooring which looks the same as laminate hardwood flooring. Lay these tiles out correctly, and you get a nice, natural feel for your bathroom. If you would like some more information about tiles and vinyl then check out this article on

Vinyl tiles for the bathroom are always available as 18 or 12- inch squares. You have to peel off the sheet at the back and stick the tiles on to the floor. Vinyl also come with felt or vinyl backing. Make sure the floor is smooth. Fill our holes and bumps before laying the vinyl. There should be no air bubbles either. These will give the tiles a bumpy, un-natural look.

Both tiles and Vinyl are great material you can use to refurbishing your bathroom. It all depends on your taste and preferences.