Control What You Feel Through Color


You can choose what you want to feel when you enter any room in your house through the color in that space. Do you want to feel relaxed, dreamy, vibrant, all these and other moods can be enhanced through different colors.


Selecting what color to use in your bedroom depends on what you want to feel once you get in there. In this article, we will go through a variety of bedroom color schemes that work from which you can pick your preference.

Black, white and red

Want your energy levels to be inspired upon entering your bedroom? Then a mixture of black, white, and red would do exactly that.

A soft grey and a bit of red

The soft grey should be on the ceiling, walls, and any other larger items in the room. Which brings a calming but fashionable effect. The red color is minimal but it brings a sense of identity into the room

A combination of blue and white

If you want to feel fresh and have an inviting atmosphere, then this combo is the best. You can also have some wooden furniture to earthen the atmosphere.

Pink and grey

Perfect colors for a nursery. For a more vintage look especially for a master bedroom, then fade out the pink. Make it look like it has dimmed through the years.

Pink and Orange

For an exciting and revitalizing feel, pink and orange do the trick. These two colors don’t have to be necessarily painted from the ceiling to the walls. They can be in the different accessories in the room, for example, a large artwork, the curtains, or the bedside mat.

Green and Pink.

For bedroom color schemes that work then try these combinations. Though pink is most of the time associated with baby girls, it accentuates the fresh green color making the room look fashionable.

Sky blue and spring green.

These combination has never disappointed since the beginning of time and it’s still perfect for a bedroom color scheme today.

By now you may have an idea of what to use as the color theme for your bedroom. Even so, there are several tips to consider before making the final decision. These are:

  • Choose a color that goes with your furniture and not vice versa
  • Go throw Pinterest and pick ten colors to inspire you. Then choose which ones attract you the most.
  • Choose which part of a room you want to stand out. Then make the rest of it neutral hence not everything in the room will be competing for attention
  • Use the available testers. Before buying a gallon of paint, get a tester, and use it on a small part of the wall you want to paint. Check on it through different times of the day through the week.  You can also lighten or darken the shade if you are applying the same color in the same room but on different walls.
  • Paint a piece of board and hold it against your furniture and other accessories in the room. Not only will you know whether it’s the right color but what undertone it brings out.

To get the bedroom color schemes that work, make sure to first use testers, choose a color that goes with your furniture, and use Pinterest as an inspiration.